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I am looking for a active fleet that has friendly, helpful and laid-back people. I recently came back to STO, I played Bata and the first months then left. I really like all the improvements and I am planning on staying for a long period of time. I guess you can say I am a pretty hardcore Trekkie, sorta a purest when it comes to the Star trek universe. I do not mind hardcore fleets, but my time can be up and down b/c of RL. If anyone out there is looking for a old fashion type gamer and Trekkie, please contact me in-game at @fletchman.

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06-05-2011, 10:42 AM
I sent you a PM, fletchman. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
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06-05-2011, 01:22 PM
Ok it seems like everyone that is conning back to STO is a mature gamer that grew up on Star Trek!!

We are a mature +30 Fleet with families, work and house repaires cutting into our STO life. We are casual and relaxed and looking for people to have fun with not bicker with! We love all of startrek so we won't make fun of people that prefer Voyager but we may send you an intervention brochure

Please take a look at what we have set up. We have a 5 member advisory council that is there to make sure that everyone has a say in the dirction of the fleet. The fleet admirals are made up of anyone that wants to help out or support others in the fleet.

Our only rule is that we have fun and look out for our other members. (so i guess that is two rules)

I can honestly say that in the last 4 months I have met some really great people and we are looking at this fleet as a long term thing.

If we are not the fleet for you, I hope you find a good home!

Mark (aka James Bailey)
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I hear you, I played in beta and first few months, then laid out till just recently. But all along, the VKF has been moving forward. We're not large, not small, definitely casual and laid-back, and really enjoy teaming - imo that's the best part about STO is being able to team and leverage each individuals' strengths. You can't get that in a PUG.

We always respect RL, and have members at all stages and of all play styles. The VKF's push is toward using logic and intellect in gameplay, but you can read all about us at the Vulcan Kolinahr Fleet or on our recruitment thread here in Starbase One.

There are some really good Fleets in STO, and we think you should choose one that fits your playing style. I encourage you to check out the most active ones you see and hear from. Regardless of where you end up, know that the VKF will always work in teams (PUG or not) with the utmost respect for all gamers - we enjoy friendship and comraderie, and team play.

Live Long and Prosper!
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06-05-2011, 02:37 PM
PM sent as requested.
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06-05-2011, 04:14 PM
Hi Fletchman,

?An active and fun fleet - you just described 3rd Fleet to a tee.

We're a large international fleet that have a mature attitude, that is we get that real life is 'out there' and make no demands on play times etc. We're also pretty laid back in terms of most stuff and focus on the fun element. This means there are lots of STFs and fleet events running and with the 'international' bit you get lots of people in most time zones so there are always folk around.

I'm not sure that we're hardcore, but we are only a STO fleet - no other games to distract us.

Check us out at
Or check the vid at
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06-07-2011, 01:09 AM
- Omega Particles - is a Star Trek Online Fleet.
We got a forum, this Facebook site and a TeamSpeak 3 server
We're a very social fleet and we enjoy each others company alot

We're recruiting EU time zone players

We want players that are:
-> EU Time zone active
-> Helpfull and social
-> Teamworking
-> Willing to be a part of the fleet
-> 16+ of age

If u want to know more, go to Our Facebook Page
If u want to apply for becoming a member, send a mail to
Use this template

Name :
Age :
From :
Playing since :
TeamSpeak 3 knowledge :
Characters in Federation Faction :
Characters in Klingon Faction :
Which faction do you want to join ? (Both is also an option) :
Favorite career (Tac,sci,eng) :
Special Task Force experience :

Looking forward to hear from you
Ingame mail sent aswell

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