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A friend of mine on STO has come up with the idea that when you get to VA you can send some of the excess skill points to a lower rank toon. His idea is that an acceptable ratio of skill points go towards ranking up a lower rank toon, a ratio such as 50% for the VA's BO's and 50% to the lower toon. Also, which lower rank toon you send it to can be either chosen (nominated) by the player or selected by it being the second highest rank toon on the account. So that players that haved finished the game dont have to bore themselves to death by repeating the missions on another toon, but instead can just muck around on their VA and at least be contributing to the lower ranks.
Lt. Commander
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06-13-2011, 12:53 AM
Abit of a wierd idea this one but it would make playing your va more worthwhile and promote people having alts and would be easy to implement, id be all for it

Probebly best to have you nominate an alt in advance via a drop box and then it diverts points as you get them
On other hand it would still make people play alts if it didnt give bo skill points or merits so they still had to do missions too but it would just speed up the start

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