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Hey guys,

I've been playing for several months now on and off. Now that it's the summer time and I've been playing a bit more since I've been out of college, I'm looking for a fleet for my Federation character.

I'm a 19 year old music student at college, though I tend to play more with older and mature clans/guilds in other games. I play in the PST time zone, though I tend to play pretty late.

I'd prefer a smaller, but still active fleet, as I don't like getting lost in the huge ones. I'm more of a casual player (especially during the school year), and can casually role play as well.

Currently at Captain 1 right now, and have a lifetime subscription (so you don't have to worry about me quitting in two months).

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# 2 Pax Infinitus
06-07-2011, 09:56 PM
Pax Infinitus is always recruiting people looking for fun. Send anyone in Pax Infinitus a tell for a fleet invite.
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# 3
06-07-2011, 10:46 PM
Come check us out, we love to have ya Serenity;s Grasp
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# 4
06-08-2011, 03:51 AM
take yourselve a few moments to look up this:
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# 5
06-08-2011, 04:05 PM
Even if you are a casual player and looking for a small fleet, maybe consider looking into UFP we may be a larger fleet but we have a small fleet feel, freindly and very helpful. Give us a look, just follow the link in my sig.
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# 6 HI ListerSmeg27
06-08-2011, 06:13 PM
You might want to look at the Vulcan Kolinahr Fleet. We have members who often play at odd hours, and in quite a few different timezones.

Check out our thread here in Starbase One, or our Fleet Forum at Vulcan Kolinahr Fleet and see if we are what you are looking for.

We are light RP, and most interested in making STO as enjoyable and enriching for our members (and our other Fleet allies!) as possible. We have a TeamSpeak3 server for voicechat, an in-game Fleet chat channel, a well-stocked Fleet bank to help our members get the right and best equipment for their toon, and we like to go on missions with our Fleetmates.

Our Fleet Forum has lots of information on the game, strategy and tactics, and tips.

We have no significant Fleet participation rules, just whatever you wish to contribute or participate in.

Give us a look, and feel free to pm or chat with any of our members in-game, here, or on our forum.

Live Long and Prosper!
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# 7 Ausmonauts say Hello
06-08-2011, 07:24 PM
While this is a new fleet we are by no means "new " to the Star Trek Online game
With over 23 members joined within a week we must be doing something right! and now is YOUR chance to experience what we have to offer.......
Fleet support for all new members for STF's ,Missions , PvP's and Cap & Hold's assistance with builds and general to advanced infomation on all things Star Trek.
We are Oceania based with Aussie's,Kiwi's and a host of Asian & US members .
Fun & laughter and thick skin needed
This fleet is about helping people, not just do STFs or figure out stronger ship builds but also supporting each other when something bad happens.
NOW is the time to "Harden up Princess":cool

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# 8
06-08-2011, 07:31 PM
Psi Aquarri Fleet is Recruiting Now!


Gladius 500 was abandoned after multiple Micro-Ultritium Bombs were placed around the Star base's Generator and set off, effectively leaving the station dead in space and just as dark. Many were injured, and unfortunately a few causalities as well.

But now, now, we have regrouped, forged and pounded from the fires of the old station, to this new station, one that will cool our blades, we shall come back stronger, this only preparing us for the next fight that comes ahead.

Within the Psi Aquarri Star Cluster, a new base set deep within a cold blue nebula had finished being constructed, nicknamed the "Anglerfish". It was a project for the Starfleet Corps of Engineers to build within the nebula, but it was worth it, for the station has a naturally occurring early-detection system due to the nebula's unique property, as well as no known cloaking or external holographic ability works within the confides of the nebula.

A quick list of what we have to offer:

* TeamSpeak Server With 512 Capacity
* Active members
* Fleet Forum
* Fleet Bank By Rank && W/ Crafting
* STF's, PvP, PvE
* Weekly podcast
* Departmental Positions
* Friendly && Laid Back People
* Structure, But Not So Much That You Can't Enjoy The Game
* Leveling
* Builds
* Joking Around
* Good laughs
* A Radio Station For Your Leisure
* . . . and instead of Cookies or Brownies, We Aim To Please... So Grab A Bite of Whatever You Wish to eat or drink, and enjoy the show

Membership Requirements:

* Teamspeak (Even if you do not have a mic, there is chatting in the server itself, it helps to be on the server especially when doing STF's, PvP, Missions and that sort of thing.
* Activity (We require you login to your main and alt on a bi-weekly, or every other week basis. This allows us to eliminate dead weight)
* Fleet Forum (Please utilize the fleet forums as a method of communications, as well as in game mail and fleet chat)
* Fleet Channels (We have a list of Fleet Channels your required to have, you will be invited in game, and walked through how to add them)
* Fleet Events (Its all about Teamwork, when we have a fleet event, like a joint fleet event, or an alliance social event, your required to be there to represent our fleet)
* 18+ (We Require You to be 18+ as this is a mature adult community, however certain exceptions will be approved by fleet admirals)
* To Have Fun! (What point would it be to have you in a fleet if you were not able to enjoy yourself, and have fun??)

We are allied with some of the best in Starfleet. We are Allied with Gods of War, and are friendly with 12th Fleet. We are also friendly to 23rd Fleet, one of the oldest fleets in Starfleet.

Join Us HERE: and HERE:

Feel Free to Hang Out On TS, Give us a try, or PM @Cassanova007 or @eeb3 for an invite to fleet.
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# 9
06-08-2011, 10:58 PM
Thanks for all the replies, guys. I'm going on a short vacation for 5 days, but when I get back I'll look over these. Thanks again.
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# 10
06-09-2011, 12:21 AM
Hi there Listersmeg, (Red Dwarf fan I assume )

I think you should check out 3rd Fleet, I think we may be just what you are looking for. We are a large international fleet so have people on during most timezones. So you should never get that lonely feeling.

Although we are one of the larger fleets we still believe we retain the 'family' feeling and don't loose people in the crowd. But this does give the advantage that we are active in both active in organised events but also ad-hoc teaming. And, as I said, we are spread across the world

We consider ourselves a mature fleet but this is more about attitude than age and we get that Real Life happens in unexpected ways, so don't make any demands on our membership's play times. So I guess that ticks the casual box.

We have a few RP stories going on, so you'd be welcome to join and we're really flexible about people's involvement. Drop by and play as much or as little as you want.

Check us out at
Or check the vid at

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