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06-10-2011, 07:28 AM
Personally, I like the Aegis shield because of its' adaptive resistances when used in the Aegis set.

If you're not using the full set, of course, then you might as well go with a different shield. I've mostly stuck with Covariants... but I'll admit to some curiosity. What shield works best for Sci/Sci Captains?

In PvE I tend to run with high weapon power most of the time (shields and aux medium, engines low). As such, my shields regenerate slowly at best without the use of shield-boosting powers. I don't intend to PvP much until some PvP fixes are in... like improved queues... but if I did as part of a team then I'd mix it up and go for high aux, medium shields and eng, and low weapon power.
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06-13-2011, 08:10 AM
Originally Posted by CaptPeacemaker
I have 2 Field Emitter consoles stacked as my engineering consoles, one MkXII at +7 power level, and a MkXI Uncommon at +6.5 for shield power, raises the shield power level 13 points, which equates into a regeneration boost of 54% plus the skills that I have maxed in shield performance.

End of the day, I run in attack mode with 85/50 shield power, providing a 240% regeneration rate for my Shield Array Mk XI [Cap x3].

This works really well with my weapons maxed at 125/100 as well.

I have found that covarient shields are good, but high capacity doesnt do well in a prolonged battle if your shields dont regenerate. Although, I admit that I havent tried the Aegis or any other covarients since being able to raise my shield power to those levels.

Resilient shields worked really well in the configuration, but needed a little more capacity.

Hmm, I wonder what a Regenerative Shield Array would be like with 240% regeneration?
Ok I just tested the configuration with a Regenerative Shield MkXI [Cap], seems to perform very well against the Borg. It takes just moments for a shield to recharge, and my shield healing abilities really seem to help too. Still havent tested with a Covarient yet.

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