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06-09-2011, 10:10 AM
Originally Posted by Captain Data
Here is a nasty surprise. When ever you see a ship sitting still on a cap point get with in 7km buff up APA, APO, GDF, FOMM, CRF, TT, Tac Fleet, decloak you should be about 1km off and once you are almost on top of the ship drop the tric. 50-75K crit through shields. It is good times I have killed Sci ships and cruisers galore with this tactic. I have even been lucky with trics against BFaW boats if you are practically at 0km
The buff up, drop cloak, and smoke 'em routine's an oldy but a goody. I think another raptor at T5 with an ensign engineering slot as opposed to the tactical one would be pretty useful.

I may have to get a DBB, since when I go for joyrides in my Raptor (I still prefer the Negh'var, and also the Vor'cha), I find with 3DHCs and a torpedo that you can't buff (tricobalt), I've got a wasted ensign slot as it stands now. Even without being specced into Raptors though, the ammount of damage on tap is obscene.

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