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06-09-2011, 10:11 AM
This ship is still underpowered but has its nitch with new BFAW.

I dislike the new bfaw but its the only combo that makes this ship exceed in a area over other ships. It can put down a better BfAW than other escort.

Its lack of maneuverability leaves it very weak against mvam and deviants. If u fight against a xp player you’re in a loose loose. Not to say run from all, test them a little , nabbed 3 in 5 min before I wrote this post, but good player will have the ship advantage by a wide margin.

This ship works best in tandem, any ship will do. Although if you have a healer this ship shines. If u have a healer supporting 2 Grumba , the 2 grumba can rain the pain.

Javelin is best used right before the shield drops, by the time it fire you can get big # but not as big as a decloaking BO3. My avrg shot usually hit the opponent at ˝ shields takes facing down and runs around 10k. Bare hull it can range with buffs from 17k-36k.

The grumba needs a buff always has, even in tribble reports of how terrible the siegemode / javlin delayed fire , with the galaxy x buffs now just leaves the grumba as the worse ship to play in game, but like I said if you r a diehard like me, you will find a way to work around this.

In compare with my raptor, raptor wins but it long extended fights the dps of a grumba will win. To have a extended fight like this healers must be involved. This is the grumbha nitch out dps the speed of which a healer can heal . That is only nitch in sto.

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