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# 1 Sarr Theln torpedo build
12-31-2014, 07:25 AM
I'm pretty new at this, so I may have made some terrible mistakes. I also tend to try to balance aesthetics and character concept vs performance, so I don't expect ever to approach min/max perfection. But this is my current setup for a sci-captain Sarr Theln built to use transphasic torpedoes:

I plan to replace the Breen deflector with the Adapted MACO deflector, and then swap either the engine or shields over from Adapted MACO to Breen to preserve the double 25% damage set bonuses. And eventually I'll replace those green transphasic compressors with vulnerability locators.

I expect to replace the neutronium with one additional Breen console for the two-piece bonus.

I have six space doff slots, currently occupied by two projectile officers, plus (I forget the actual specializations here): chance to proc aftershock gravity well, chance to knock engines offline in gravity well, chance to reduce deflector ability cooldown, and chance to increase exotic damage with emergency to aux.

I run with aux power maxed, shield power high, and engine and weapon power middling. Have a single omni beam for subsystem targeting.

Oh, lastly, that epic launcher has a spread proc, not a high yield proc, but spread doesn't seem to be available in the planner.

Any suggestions?
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# 2
12-31-2014, 08:10 AM
Shared cooldowns ensure that only 2 of those forward torps will be firing and it will mostly likely be the two rapid reloads. The Breen clusters are powerful but bugged and only actually fire 50% of the time.

I have a "torpedo boat" myself but that is 2 torpedoes and 6 other weapons. The shared cooldown for torpedo weapons means that it will pretty much always be the case with projectile weapons that they won't be a primary weapon system.

My boat is an aux to batt build that uses the reduced boff cooldowns to rapidly trigger torpedo spread 3. So it's not so much a "boat" as it is a skill/weapon/boff/doff combo.
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# 3
12-31-2014, 08:26 AM
What I've read and so far what I've seen in practice is that three rapid reload transphasics will interfere with each other due to shared cooldowns, but two rapid reloads and one normal 10-sec cooldown transphasic will fire in pretty good rotation. (In fact, I've considered adding a third projectile doff because if I don't get a proc, I'll occasionally see the three fire in sequence and then sit quietly cooling down.)

Thanks for the tip on the cluster torps. They have definitely seemed unreliable. Perhaps I need to throw a regular torp and a manually-triggered mine dropper in back...or perhaps they'd be more reliable if manually fired?

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