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Originally Posted by chessie5882 View Post
I think Cryptic does not realize how many true Klingon fans are out there. I belong to 2 fan clubs
the Klingon Assault Group and Klingon Alliance International. Besides dressing up for conventions doing charity groups, costuming for others and building props some come here to command a Klingon Ship it is
one of the few games since Klingon Academy that on can do so. If you doubt that theres a site
Called Klingonspace where alot of us post photos and information. KAG and KAI have websites.
As does the Klingon Language Institute. (yes there really is one!) I am studying the Klingon Language there online. I wish they would fully flesh out the faction. there is a segment of fans they are missing.
And some of us take being klingon very seriously.

Qapla Batlh Je!

hear, hear...this has been my thought since Beta...
It is worldwide, there are hundreds of such fan clubs.
How could they have overlooked such a possibility?

Nice to see another True Warrior.

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