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The first issue I would like to address in feedback is the idea that Space is Three Dimensional. This is understood and the game attempts to integrate this by allowing you to move up and down along the Y Axis and not just horizontally on the X Axis... My problem is that you cannot go straight up or straight down. You have to approach them at odd angles. This is incredibly frustrating when you have targets that are above or below at a significant angle that you cannot hit them. Basically, if you are going to let us go up and down on the Y Axis then PLEASE let us do it all the way straight up and straight down or never allow there to be targets on planes above or below ours.

The other thing that I have noted is that Tactical Officers are nearly useless on the ground as far as Bridge Officers go. As a Captain Tactical Officer you get some decent skills and at least bring a lot of damage to the table. Tactical Bridge Officers however may bring some damage but theirs skills pale in usefulness to the other two. The Science Officer can root, knock down shields, and heal. The Engineer can be a Force Multiplier with all sorts of turrets, drones, mortars, mines, and generators. The Tactical Officer can...? Debuff the enemy to a lesser degree than the Science and Engineer?... They can throw Grenades which are mostly useless except for the Plasma which they will burn YOU with every time. They can deal more damage that a Science Officer but not directly to shields and not more than an Engineer if you factor in all their turrets.

I know that the ground game is changing dramatically so my second observation here may be a moot point already. However, I would suggest that a tactical officer's understanding of advanced weapons, armor, and techniques should allow them to utilize specialized attacks such as high critical chance strikes (Sniper Shot), Shooting or smacking weapons out of people's hands, and be capable of pinpointing nerves and other vital spots on their opponents. They should in theory wear better armor than other classes. This would make the "Attention Grabbing" skills useful. Right now they are the weakest on the field because while the Science Officer can Heal themselves, and the Engineer can pump their Shields back up, the Tactical Officer has NO regenerative abilities whatsoever and no greater defensive capabilities. Thus: Having them be the focus of enemy fire makes no sense whatsoever as it would just lead to their more expedient demise.
Lt. Commander
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06-10-2011, 08:04 AM
I agree about the Y axis thing, they need to increase the pitch at which ships can travel, not past 90 degrees, but maybe up to 80 or so, it makes no sense whatsoever that supposedly more manouverable escorts are so easily countered by gaining height to slip out of their cannon arc because they can't turn high enough to bring them to bear. Seriously, that's silly. There's no good reason for that game mechanic whatsoever, and it needs fixing.

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