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Originally Posted by Remianen View Post
"Hidden Intelligence"

A suggestion: After talking to the Physical Sciences Researcher (after the console), a prompt to beam up would be good. Not sure if it's possible, being in an open zone and all.
Yeah not much I can do to force the player to leave but I've added a line to farewell the player and wish them a safe journey.

Slight typo after the thing in the transporter room ("It wasn't an agressive action...", should be 'aggressive').
All typos mentioned and grammar irregularities you've mentioned have been rectified. Thank you.

The authentication code puzzle is AWESOME! Is it possible to randomize it though? I used the same code on all three characters.
That would have been awesome but alas no randomization of responses possible. I'm stuck with having the same code each time.

Fredicks Kessel?
Missed an 'r' :p

Five stars, easy. I need to do it a few more times to check out how the various responses and combinations differ, but the mission itself is excellent. One odd thing I noticed though. This mission doesn't seem to give the 11sp/50 BO sp thing like other diplo missions do (or any diplo xp). Is that a bug?
Thank you for your feedback. As for the bug,Um, possibly I'm still not sure how the foundry system works in terms of rewards. Any rewards are either automated or have to be coded in by cryptic.

Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the 5-star review. I give this review 5-stars!

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