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With the new ground combat pace being set to "fast & furious," I was wondering if something in particular (and other related ones on the whole) could be looked at for recharge times: Captain special abilities.

In particular, the Lethean telepathic attack 'Rapture.' It does fair damage (bonus fun points in that it is an exploit attack), but sits at what is now a whopping 3 minute recharge time. The Gorn 'Bite', by contrast, recharges in a mere 15 seconds which, despite the necessity to be right in the enemy's face, makes it somewhat more useful.

I know a number of other beings (notably Vulcans, Orions, etc) have activated abilities that can do damage or have another effect in combat. I admit I'm unfamiliar with their recharge values, but I wonder if they may not need to be looked at as well, just in case. I fully support the Gorn attack at 15 seconds; sometimes all minor opposition could be dead before the timer is even up, and in a boss fight it can be dangerous to stay in close range that long, but could make for interesting play.

I humbly request that the Lethean attck recharge be reduced to make it more useful in combat, to make it viable as a skill in fights to appropriately trade off for the fact that it takes the place of one of four very useful trait slots. Three minutes, in my opinion, is simply too long a wait.

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