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I was doing a mission in my BOP and noticed in the Pi area of space the Klingon's were in battle with the Feds and I was able to enter this space. I also noticed I was nothing more than an observer that I couldn't attack Feds or Klingon's so as I flew buy a Fed in trouble I was going to be kind and give a hand before exiting however I accidental selected the Klingon and healed the non player Klingon ship. I really don't care to help Feds so I got the idea to help the non-player Klingon getting the heck shot out of it so I decided to try to keep healing it and it worked to my amazement.

So I decided to switch all my buffs to heals and kept healing the Klingon's in that zone watching them slaughter the pitiful feds in there. It was truly funnier than heck!

Thanks Cryptic for another screwed up way to allow us to make the Feds mad and no way for them to get back at us in any way.

If I were crude I would think this might be a good way to piff off noobs and make them quit forcing Cryptic to actually fix the Klingon faction but I doubt that will happen. Geez I'm not a noob and really think Cryptic will ever fix it. Silly thought I know.

BTW you may find me there more and more now. :p

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