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My name is Jonathan, and I am a Vancouver native.

I cheered for the Canucks all the way until the end. Boston soundly beat them. Throughout the game I noticed Boston's heavy-handed checks and hits, and what I percieved as a general poor sportsmanship that, although present in my team of choice as well, was much, much thicker.

Tonight, for those watching, you may have witnessed what humbled and humiliated me as a Vancouverite: my beautiful city had in its midst rioters, arsonists, brawlers, and possibly even murderers among the crowds. ANY statement regarding any team's poor sportsmanship pales in comparison to what I've seen, what I'm seeing, in what I would on any other day have considered my fellow Vancouverite.

It's just a game. Whatever else it may be, it's just a game.

And I thought people took PvP too hard, or the (imagined and fictitious) rivalry between, say, KDF and Starfleet. For those people that think that throwing temper tantrums like that only happens online because of the anonymity, I shamefully present my downtown streets as evidence to a far worse scenario.

Egypt rioted for its freedom of democracy. Riots have cropped up in the Middle-East for the very lives of the people. My city chose to riot over a damned game. What's worse is that from the looks of things it didn't matter if we were going to win or lose, these people were looking to riot and would use any excuse.

For those who watch Hockey, know that what happened tonight is not indicative of Vancouver as a whole. Heck, for anyone watching, know that Vancouver, as a whole, abhors the actions of these few. And for those of you solely interested in video games and living in an online world... the stupidest, most destructive tantrums can be found outside, too. We're all just people.

(I picked here to vent. Sorry, it was just the last place I was going to go before bed.)
Lt. Commander
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06-16-2011, 01:03 AM
that said I gotta say, I'm dissappointed, but not suprised, at the Canucks doing what they do best, choking on a critical game, yet AGAIN

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