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I really didn't know how best to title the topic so i'll try to explain/ask as best I can. As many know there are some scale issues in STO, I know i've voiced my opinion about them one of which being ship to shuttle scale. The ships for the most part are in scale with eachother and same for the shuttles but there is a disconnect between. I understand the reasoning given which from what i've seen would make the shuttles too small in combat situations (I take it more there since thats when you actually need to target them).

Something I got wondering about and even if it was possible or could work within STO... What if the shuttles were scaled down (or ships scaled up whichever would best work) but there was a zoom/reticule area via hotkey or mouse similar to the new ground targeting. By clicking either the center of the screen or mouse pointer would have a zoom area allowing a smaller scaled shuttle to be seen and targeted while maintaining scale otherwise.

Would this be possible or work? I know the scale issue is an old one but this is just something that occured to me.
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06-16-2011, 01:09 AM
I don't know about having to target ships but I think a zoom reticule could be useful. The main problem as I see it with shuttle-starship scaling is that we have a very limited zoom ability in how its quantized. If we could have a more incremental zoom allowing us to get the ship to fit any given percent of the screen then that would make me a very happy customer.
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06-16-2011, 01:43 AM
I agree with the ship zoom where mine is at I wish there was an increment between the closest two zooms... I site the targeting as from what I recall the answer to correct scale was "that you wouldn't be able to see them" I figure if you know where fire is coming from have a zoom key maybe the size of the new combat reticule or even some automatic function on mouse over though not sure on that. Also it many times do they call out the order to "Magnify!"

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