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# 1 Release Notes - June 16, 2011
06-15-2011, 05:56 PM
  • Antiproton dual heavy cannons and Antiproton single cannons can now be equipped to your ship while on a ground map.
  • Borg raid heavy antiproton cannons and Borg raid dual heavy antiproton cannons can now be equipped by fighters.
  • Horta Tweaks:
    • Horta will follow a player when first summoned if not in combat.
    • Horta global cooldown has been reduced to 5 minutes.
  • Hargh'Peng Torpedo Updates:
    • The inital impact is a small AoE.
    • When someone effected by the Hargh’Peng uses Hazard Emitters it clears the dot and prevents the secondary explosion.
    • The Secondary explosion is now an AOE.
    • The secondary explosion bypasses shields of the main target, but not the shields of those affected by the AoE.
  • Azura and Vov'wI personal comm code updates:
    • The personal comm codes should now be usable without slotting them in a device slot.
    • Reduced cooldown time to 2 hours.
    • Added new item and power icons.
  • The Spock data recorder has a new icon.
  • The “Pacifist” trait had its icon updated.
  • Various stability updates.

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