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So, I'm playing Season 4 on Tribble. I'm in love with shooter mode on the ground - it is downright glorious. This got me thinking about fighters and escorts (and I suppose really, a lot of Klingon ships as well), and how their narrow cannon firing arcs actually would make something similar to Shooter mode fairly enjoyable, at least for me.


Yes this is very, very non-critical. You don't have to tell me that. This is just one of t hose long term "It would be nice if..." type of things. I'm particularly interested in it because I'd like to make a series of Foundry missions around being a fighter pilot/squadron commander. (I have to wait for some other tech to land in the foundry as well before I can really do it I think.)

Why I want it:

The biggest reason is to do with dual cannons and their use in the Peregrine fighter. Simply put - I love the concept, however because STO is (rightly) a big-ship game, it's actually very difficult to make good use of the cannons against other shuttle-scale ships. You have no radar scope and the target indicators for 'target I am not looking at' are fairly lacking for a dogfight type situation.

Further, because you need to tab target, then maneuver your ships relatively narrow fire cone over the enemy, while not being able to lock your camera *directly above and behind your ship*, knowing exactly where your fire cone is can be a little tricky in a swirling mass of small craft.

This isn't a problem in say... an Escort, where both ships are generally further apart and a lot bigger - but in a fighter it's pretty obnoxious. (The easy solution of course is to not use the cannons, but that's kind of a shame imo)

The reason I also suggest it for Escorts is because, while not really necessary, I think some escort captains might find it a fun playstyle, being able to fly their ship a little more like the Defiant we saw in DS9 basically.

How it would work:

There are three basic elements to this request:

1) "Shooter" Style mode, where your camera is locked above and behind your ship. There would be relatively little 'wiggle', unlike say... trying to use Chase came at present. Obviously you fire at whatever happens to be in front of you, just like ground shooter mode.

2) Some sort of improved "Enemy you aren't looking at" tags at the edges of your screen. Right now the tags are fine for slower big-ship combat, but kind of difficult to see in a dogfight. I'll note that while the current tags are well enough for big ship combat, it doesn't mean this improvement wouldn't still have some potential use in that arena too.

3) The only element I don't know if we have the tech for: Keeping the most-recently fired on target, targeted until a different target is shot. This is crucial for two reasons:

A) So that in an escort (or a fighter with a wider arc weapon) one can keep firing that weapon while not directly in line with the enemy.

B) So in addition to 2) one can keep track of which target in a dogfight is the one you were previously on. (I feel without this, shooter mode would have some trouble since you'd probably end up bouncing between different targets, rather than being able to focus fire one at a time.)


So yeah, ultimately it's probably too much work for a rather small number of ship types*, and I realize it's far afield from the core of the space game, which is rightly big-ship focused; but it's just one of those things I like the idea of and could make substantial use of were it ever to be done.

Just wish listing basically.

*I will add that while the fighter was the impetus, normal shuttle craft with dual beam banks could also probably make reasonable use of it. If nothing else it might be more fun flying a shuttle this way, imo.
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06-17-2011, 05:12 PM
you know, i wouldn't mind an ability that keeps your nose pointed at your target passively, maybe lasts for 10 seconds, the max length of most alphas. some times it look like your pointed right at your target but your not, and given the position of the camera it can be hard to tell. maybe make it a passive part of CRF?
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06-18-2011, 08:25 AM
I approve of this message.

Can I just add my own little request that fighters (and shuttles to a lesser extent) get a half-decent innate defense buff? It would make using them in anything other than specifically-designed shuttle missions actually viable.

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