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06-20-2011, 04:31 PM
Anecdotal Evidence suggests that MKXII drops were a bug, (The nature of the loot system is the creation based upon some factors of chance at given level of mobs being fought with some kind of modifier for rarity and given suffixes) The results of that bug was normalization, Consoles over all bonuses at the top end are capped. Thus MK XII Consoles of higher colors do not follow the standard progression. It is worth noting that there is at least one type of console that remains uncraftable to maximum available level Anti-Proton Mags. It stands to reason that when the next tier is opened that the caps will rise commiseratly. So having full sets of MKXII will be meaningful advantage for however long it takes for majority population to reach new cap. I would guess something like 6 weeks.

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