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I'm an Ensign Level 9, almost a lieutenant. Up to this point, I have not used any skills on my bridge officers. When should i promote my Bridge Officers? I have an Alien Tactical Officer, a Vulcan Science Officer, and a Human Engineering Officer. I have many questions, but it is difficult to get answers on this topic by doing a Google Search.

Can someone please post suggestions on Bridge officer Skills, and Promotions???
Lt. Commander
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06-26-2011, 06:32 PM
Things like the type of ship you command, the bridge officer skills you use or depend on, space and ground skills can determine who you'll promote first.

From my own personal experience I tend to retrain my BoFFs then promote them in the order of Science, Engineer, Tactical.

Science for Hazard emitters in space, Medical Tricorder and Vascular Regenerator on ground (Healing)

Engineering for Emg Power to Shields or Weapons in space, Shield Recharge and Phaser Turrets on ground.

Tactical for weapon abilities like Beam overload, on the ground I mostly use my tacs to apply damage increasing or resistance reducing debuffs.

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