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Originally Posted by momiji View Post
Oh yeah Daz3D, I've never used that software, always been a user of 3Ds myself. You can get the same kind of results but it's very difficult, still trying to perfect a technique.

*looks at Cappy* There were typos!?
The primary thing I use with the engineering/stardrive parts of these ships is subdivision. I used to pull my hair out trying to figure out how to make all those curves work with simple extrusion and cutting faces into the mesh. Once that's solid, you can extrude all the angular, more intricate parts.

Originally Posted by Archanubis

Hope you make more renders. Would love to see your render of a Cerberus-class escort.
More renders it is!

I started writing a story where my character's grandfather was the captain of an Ambassador-class ship called the Nakamura (NCC-26751), so that's what I'm going to call this one. Got most of the escape pod covers on and the windows cut into the dorsal section, as well as the main serial labels. Trying to clean up the engineering hull mesh to cut the windows out there. Still lots of work, but she's getting there.

I always thought the Cerberus class looked awesome, and I'd love to take a crack at it. If I can get some really good reference shots of it, I'll see what I can do.

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