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06-20-2011, 01:45 PM
Will season 5 be a content heavy season or will season 5 be a fleet and open pvp ground and space territory season.
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06-20-2011, 01:46 PM
What details can you share regarding fleet starbases?
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06-20-2011, 01:46 PM
The Vesta class was missing in the latest Engineering Report. Has it been axed?
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06-20-2011, 01:49 PM
Where to begin... expect a long wall-of-text following this paragraph

Season 4:
1a) What features are currently planned to be shipped with the launch of Season 4?
1b) Features not shipped at launch, how long do you expect the wait to be until they are added (as part of the Season 4 update)?

Raids & Dungeons:
2a) Has a decision been made, to make instances in the game more reminiscent of the traditional "Raid" and "Dungeons" of similar MMO:s?
2b) Has there been made any consideration, into retuning the current 20-man Fleet Actions, into proper "Raid" style missions?
2c) Would it be a proper assumption to believe, that the planned 5-man Fleet Actions would be on a similar difficulty level to the current 5-man STFs?
2d) If you ever add a proper "Raid" system for endgame content, has any design iterations been done on a proper "Raid UI" in addition to the current "Party UI"?

UI & Gameplay:
3a) Will the game ever support a "Fully Customizeable" UI, in terms of layout and size, possibly even color variations?
3b) Will the proper "LCARS-style" UI ever make an appearance in the game?
3c) Has there been any consideration in modifying the UI so as to not be as "singular colored" as it currently is? (I.e Blue for Feds, Red for Klingons)
3d) With all the features currently ingame, and all the features currently planned to be added, have there been any plans made to make the UI a bit more accessable to the player than it currently is? (most of the advanced features of the game, are currently all lumped into the same dropdown menu)
3e) What is the current status on the planned retuned "Economy system" that was previously mentioned?

New Content & C-Store:
4a) Are there plans to add additional ships to both Federation and Klingon, that do not require the customers to pay money through the C-Store? What specific ships are ready to go (model/texturing-wise)?
4b) Are the plans to add additional costumes to both Federation and Klingon, that do not require the customers to pay money through the C-Store?
4c) Will current "Uniform Packs" be made unlockable by ingame means, possibly through completing certain Accolades? (complete TOS-era episodes for TOS-era Uniform Pack etc)
4d) Will new "non Feature Episodes" be added over time after the release of Season 4?
4e) Will new "non Feature Episodes" be added primarily to Federation or Klingon faction?

Feature Episodes:
5a) Are Feature Episodes still planned to be shipped shortly after the launch of Season 4?
5b) How many Feature Episodes per arc do you expect the new sets to run?
5c) How many Feature Episodes are already completed, and ready to be activated?
5d) How long wait between the completion of one episode arc, and the beginning of the next arc do you currently expect?

6a) Will new PVP arenas be added after Season 4?
6b) Will new PVP game modes be added after Season 4?
6c) Will Federation players ever gain access to a Carrier-equivalent?
6d) Will there ever be a PVP mode specifically requiring the use of shuttles/fighters?
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06-20-2011, 01:50 PM
Does Cryptic track the number of character class or character species users select for their captains? If one class like Science or species like Saurians isn't being rolled that often is Cryptic interested in making the less played classes / species more interesting?
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06-20-2011, 02:02 PM
With further enhancements coming for shuttles, and some talk about using them more, will the Dev Team look at having BOFF seating save per ship, and also look at ship equipment that is currently unique so that we have options to fully outfit our shuttles and ships at the same time? This would prevent players from having to reseat boffs and shuffle equipment around, and would give additional replay value to some episodes.

Understanding that it is probably a large task, has any consideration been given to separating out shuttle class craft in the Ship selection UI, and/or enhancing the shuttle naming UI so you can name craft and have it "assigned" to your ship like we sometimes saw in the series, where shuttles had a name and carried the ship registry with a numeric subcode?
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06-20-2011, 02:03 PM
first off, GREAT work on season 4! the new ground combat and the First City are amazing!

now then, for my questions:

1) With Gozer redoing the STF's to be better with the new ground combat, i do wonder... will there ever be soloable versions of the STF's? not all of us are sociable... so we'd like the chance to see the story the STF's have to offer

2) While I realize this is a LONG shot, as well as tech-heavy if it was possible... i do wonder if it is possible there would ever be a Starship Creator of some sort?

Ex.) We would have a ship screen, similiar to the customization screen, where we have all the pieces of in-game ships available to us (faction-separate of course). Then we choose the template (Cruiser, Escort or Science Vessel, for Feds)

Then, if we choose Cruiser, we would have all the Cruiser parts available to us (the Sovereign's saucer, the Excalibur's nacelles, and so on). Using these parts, with a possible feature that allows us to customize the individual parts as well, we make a kitbash of a ship. We would get to choose the ship's turn rate, the BO slots, and so on

After we finish, we would press the finish button, which would send it to you, Cryptic, to be considered, as well as you who decides the final stats, if you accept it to be in-game at some point. (How this will happen, I don't know, but my question is... can it be done, in any way?)

3) Will we have more ship sets in the future? (and if we do, can we get an Undine set as well? ) And adding onto that, will we get any ground sets as well? I think those would be cool

And since we have a Breen Set, will we ever get a Devidan and Romulan/Reman set?

4) With the Enterprise-F class confirmed in in-game at some point, can you give us any hints about it's stats? Weapon layout, BO layout, consoles, etc

And while I'm at it, any hint on when the poll to decide the Enterprise-F's class will come?

5) Any hints on when the Fleet Admiral upgrade will come? Also, can you give us anything, ANYTHING, on the rumored 'Away Team in space' gameplay that this might involve?

6) With two Klingon variants accidently leaked on Tribble, it's got us wondering... what are the rest of the variants? we don't have to have pics or anything, but we'd like to know which variants are for which ships

7) Will you ever give us anymore Cryptic-original ships? I realize not everyone likes them, but some of us think they're quite cool, and we wonder if they'll be more of them?

8) In Priorty One, you mentioned that the Enterprise-F would have variants to it's look, can you give us any hints as to what these looks entail? (or are they top-secret? :p)

Also, you did mention possibly making the playable Enterprise-F class a reward of an upcoming STF... is there any possibility you would give us other ways to get it? all being hard in their own way?

9) Are the extra costumes for the Rear Admiral ships (both halfs, all three professions) ever gonna be available in-game? for free or otherwise? In addition, what about the T1 ships? (besides the miranda)

10) The Foundry was a great addition, and the upcoming Duty Officer System will be as well when it does go live... but any ideas for the NEXT big idea to implement in-game?
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06-20-2011, 02:07 PM
With the ground combat revamp, and folding two ground weapons into one, the weapon types (each reflected in a Tactical Skill) have become unbalanced. While it used to be that there were four pistols, four rifles and four assault weapons there are now four pistols, four rifles and three assault weapons. This seems to devalue assault weapons as an option.

Beyond this, there are no assault weapons capable of an Exploit attack, and only a single pistol (compression) which can Exploit. This has led to an overabundance of Expose weapons (six) compared to Exploit (four).

Are there any plans to address these two issues by evening the number of weapons per type again, and adding more Exploit options (especially to non-rifle weapons)?
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06-20-2011, 02:11 PM
Are the Atari->Perfect World details still under NDA? If not, spill the beans already!

(just gonna go out on a limb that season 4 ships before the next Ask Cryptic and skip my S4 questions)

I love the Jupiter uniforms, but I'd still really like to see a full set of WoK rank it in the schedule anywhere?

LOVE the "matte" textures! Can we get them for the pants too?

What's on the horizon for new uniforms?

(also assuming that more info on Featured Series 4 is already out by the time these are reviewed)
Any hints on the fifth Featured Series? Are we still on track for shorter breaks (more in the 1-2 week than 1-2 month range) between future series?

What not-yet-public fact about the game are you most excited about?

Any movement on the space/ground skillpoint revamp we hear about from time to time?
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# 30 Some questions...
06-20-2011, 02:16 PM
Bridge Officers

Long ago a Bridge Officer Exchange was mentioned. Are there plans to still bring this to the game one day? If so, could we see a feature to also search by specific powers?

The Foundry

While looking for community authored content, I always like to see if there are any missions in a series I am playing become available, but this can get very difficult if you forget the name of the Author. Would it ever be possible to see, what I can only describe as "YouTube" features, such as subscribing to a particular author and becoming aware when they publish a new mission?
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