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06-23-2011, 07:01 AM
Originally Posted by Sural_Argonus
My fleet's the percentage of those online is rather high....heheh

I'm on for a good 12 or more hours a day....Depends on what's going on in RL....Generally on from 9/10am to whenever the wife starts giving me that know..."get the frak of the computer"....Usually happens about 10-11pm...sometimes a little later (Central time)

I have 3 others that are active, and 1 semi-active. Looking to add more....but I hate spamming recruiting messages. :/
I can so related!!!!!!!!

For me, the times are first thing in the morning 7am to 9am ... broken time during the day followed by 10pm to 1am ... EST.

And along with the wife's looks, have a 4 year old wanting to play Nick Jr games .... the challenges we face.
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06-23-2011, 01:45 PM
I think right now fleets are facing multiple challenges.

First, the 'ooh shiny!' factor is gone from STO. While the game has improved substantially in the last year, I think Cryptic is still playing catch-up from the major account losses they had in late March and April of 2010.

Second, it's summer time (at least in the Northern Hemisphere!), and a lot of people are outside enjoying the nice weather, going on vacations, that sort of thing. We notice a seasonal decrease in activity every summer from that in our group.

Third, at least in Lotus fleet, our senior ranks got just decimated by attacks of Real Life all at the same time in April and May. One of our officers had a death in the family, three more got new jobs that vastly increased their work loads, I'm in the middle of selling my house to move cross country, another is getting deployed, and two of our officers had their computers fry within a week of each other. We've all been looking at each other and saying "OK, who's going to get hit next?" and praying hard that it won't happen! That's on top of the normal May crunch time that all our college students went through with end-of-semester projects and finals weeks. We're finally starting to recover and get our activity back to a semblance of normality again.

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