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# 1 Some advice needed
06-16-2012, 04:58 AM
Hi all i would like some advice to see if i can get my ship more powerful. I have got the grumba siege destroyer and below is my specs and officer skills for it.

Disruptor Dual heavy Cannots mk XII [Acc] [crth] [borg] x3 in front with plasma torp Mk XII [borg]
Disruptor Turrets Mk XII [acc] [crth] [borg] x3 in back

All borg set. Shields, engines, etc etc

Disruptor induction coil mk xi x4

Parametallic Hull Plating Mk XI
SIF Generator Mk XII
Tetraburnium Hull Armour Mk XI

Power Insulator Mk X

Officer skills:
Tactical offiers:
tack team 1
beta 1
scatter volly 2
omega 3
torp spread 1
torp high yeild 2
cannon rapid fire 2

Engineer officers:
emergency power to shields 1
emergency power to weapons 2
Engeneering team 1

hazard emiters 1&2

That is my layout atm. I am not doing so bad with it in pve but when i use my javlin its not giving me the amount of damage i would like i mean usually it does 25k damage per hit but ive seen it do 50k+ per hit so i was wondering if anyone out there had any advice on how i can make my build better.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post and hope to hear from you soon.
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# 2
06-16-2012, 01:27 PM
Not bad. I'd switch the Emergency Shields/Weapons, just because Shields gives you a good bonus besides power that lasts the whole 30 second duration, while the Weapons bonus is only good for 5 seconds. You COULD do paired Emergency Shields 1, then Engineering Team 2 for flash hull healing, and that way have a shields boost always on for constant reduction and regeneration, but that would cost you a smidge of firepower.

Another more dramatic possibility is to turn your build into a whole bunch of constant pairings like that. Get a pair of EPTS1, Tac Team 1, Torp High Yield 2, and Cannon Rapid Fire 2, then set up a keybind so all 8 of those are on the spacebar along with your weapons and shield balancing. Hit it every 15 seconds and you'd have those abilities running 2/3 of the time. You'd lose your AOE attacks but you'd be ripping up single targets.

On your science skills, 2 hazard emitters? Maybe drop one of them for Science Team or Transfer Shield Strength?

Lastly, gear. Lose the Borg shield. The Honor Guard and Omega shield are both significantly better. Go hunt down the Borg Assimilated Module console (from the mission Assimilated) and pair it with the Borg Engine for hull healing. For your deflector, use the Borg one if you want a bonus shield regeneration, the Honor Guard one (paired with the shield) for better torp damage and crew toughness, or the Omega deflector (plus shield) for the Tetryon Glider shield stripping. But lose the Borg shield. Also I notice you don't have a Field Generator console listed? +18% to your shield capacity is always helpful, and its probably the single best sci console.

Couple ideas, anyways.

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