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Hello i recently upgraded my graphics card and now some of the options are Grayed-out.I upgraded from a ati 4850 to a nvidia 560ti and now i can no longer enable Soft particles/Screen-space ambient occlusion/Cinematic focus/underwater view i can also not enable medium/high shadows and bloom quality if i have turned on AA ingame,to any level.

However if i install the drivers and then load up the game,without restarting, i can enable all of these items,to the max settings, without any problem (no lag and gpu runs at a stable temp/no crash).The moment i reboot it disables the options again.

System specs:
Intel core i5 750
Asus P7P55D-E Deluxe
4 Gb ddr3 ram
Asus GTX 560Ti DirectCU II 1GB GDDR5 (the one that comes clocked at 830 Mhz)
Coolermaster Silent Pro 700W Modular PSU
And plenty of hdd space

Working dxdiag

Broken dxdiag

Nvidia system info

pic's showing what i mean

Finally when i changed over video cards i wiped my old windows drive,and removed the partition i used to have it set up as so it went back to a single drive.I did some searching for the issue and could find no way to fix it.Closest was it possibly being related to window mode,not a problem as i've tested with running full screen/maximized window/window.I have also run a force verify a few times aswell.Have tested with both the drivers that came with the card and the latest ones from the nvidia site,made no difference.I also asked around fleet and someone with the same model of card,560 ti, had no problems

Fixed own problem by completely re-installing drivers, uninstalling then rebooting and using a drive cleaner before rebooting again and installing a newly downloaded copy

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