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# 1 Target Designation (Space)
06-25-2011, 07:20 PM
This is a small issue, but an annoying one. During combat with Rommy/Remmy, I have repeatedly had the same problem of quickly retargeting from ship to high-yield plasma torp. Since the torp starts out overlapping the ship, it can't be selected, but then I try to select it after they separate and the system is slow to recognize my change of target. Most times I have enough space to do this, but when close up the delay just ends up with me taking a hit.

The game needs an ability to select closes or most dangerous threat. I think a high-yield plasma torp is more dangerous than a ship firing phasers, so let me have my phaser retarget automatically to the higher trhreat from the plasma torps. I just want something that lets me do this more smoothly since a real world system would auto select the higher threat.
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# 2
06-28-2011, 02:30 PM
I'm fairly certain there is a select closest threat option. I have it set for ground, and I think it can be set for space as well. Go into the Keybind options and look for the one "Target Nearest Enemy".

In addition to that, I think you have to look for an additional option that will count all foes in range, otherwise it will target the nearest enemy ON SCREEN. However, I prefer it that way since it's likely I will be trying to keep a major threat to me on the screen.

An extremely useful alternative is to simply save Beam Fire At Will until there is a High Yield Plasma Torpedo coming at you. If you don't have Beam Fire At Will, then get it.

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