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# 1 Suggestion needed..
06-28-2011, 06:47 AM
..just unlocked Klingdon faction and would like to play a Tactical Officer, but I need some advice on skill progression. At the moment my primary object is to play some PvE because i'm still noob and will think about PvP in the next months, anyway I did not found much on Klingon specs because most of the topics are related to Federation's ships/specs so I was thinking on T1/2 spec like this..of course I've many things to lear but some advice will be much appreciated. Thank you !

Tactical Officer
Assault Training - 9 -> t2 -> Soldier - 9

Starfleet Training
Eng Team Leader - 9
Science Team Leader - 9 -> t2 -> Heavy Warship Captain - 9
Starship Command - 9
Tactical Team Leader - 9

Starship Energy Weapons
Starship Energy Weapons - 9 -> t2 -> Starship Beam Weapons - 9

Starship ProjectileWeapons
Starship ProjectileWeapons - 9 -> t2 -> Starship Torpedo Weapons - 9

Starship Engineering
Starship Warp Core Training - 9 -> t2 -> Starship Weapon Mantainace - 9

Starship Operation
Starship Operation Training - 9 -> t2 -> Starship Sensors - 7

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