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# 1 Repair Platforms Suck!
07-02-2011, 12:52 AM

A. Get rid of this worthless ability so that Varanus captains don't need to lose a valuable engineering console for it.


B. Make it a universal console (eg. MVAM) so anyone with half a brain can elect not to use it.


C. Make the ability actually useful. Drastically higher repair rate and not sharing a cool-down with mine weapons would a good place to start.

Better yet, do B + C.

Intrepid is the best science ship in the game (best turn rate, best boff layout, easily the best ability in the game), and ablative still desperately needs a nerf (the previous "nerf" actually made it stronger!) yet on the Klingon side we have a poor man's DSSV -- 1 less engineering slot with absolutely nothing to show for it. At the very least just give us a non-gimped DSSV clone please!
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# 2
07-02-2011, 12:56 AM
Completely agree.

EDIT: Whoops - I need to clarify that I don't wish to see an Intrepid-refit ablative nerf, but rather bring the Varanus up to a useful parity.

Cloaking would be nice too.. but that's a purely selfish want.
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# 3
07-02-2011, 01:09 AM
I will agree that I have never seen them make even a small difference in a battle, most special abilities do at least make a difference.
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# 4 Just a question
07-02-2011, 03:28 AM
Is this not a duplicate post? Sci Ship imbalance...
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# 5
07-02-2011, 07:49 PM
Completely agree about the Varanus

A cloak and the ability to mount DCs and DHCs like most KDF ships would also be nice
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# 6
07-02-2011, 09:35 PM
I still think the B option should be used for all ships with special powers. And those powers should be useful too of course.
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# 7
07-02-2011, 10:32 PM
The ship itself is odd to begin with but I think I see where they were going with it. They were thinking that it was a way to show how the Gorn are surprisingly clever. As a result I think it should stay as it is in most respects but the Platform should really be made more powerful and useful. That is all that really needs to be done.
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# 8
07-03-2011, 05:06 AM
Nice to see someone out there talking about the Varanus. Months ago i posted my thoughts on what the "Big Green " needed to play its roll. Before the "adjustment" the Gorn ship felt like a Gorn ship and not just a "DSSV reskin" . Go ahead and look it up...for me its all about the "support platform" the ship should be deploying for the FLEET in PvE/PvP. We were adjusted from a BC hull to a SCi hull (loss of HPs/ more Ram Damage vc Sci hull then BC hull favor Fed side) and we receved a buff to the poor working Healing drones and turn rate. Everyone hates all the npc spamm in PvP yet the current platform has the ability to add 2 drones to every friendly ship on the field. In an instant 5 player ships become 15 objects for a fed played to target through.

Not fun.

I say we spawn a "support platform" that can:

Run sensor scan on a timer.
Buffs friendly ships in range. +10 ACC (nonstackable) or +2 ACC (stackable up to 5x for +10ACC max)
Fire off the current healing beam to 3 or more friendly ships in range.
Give it good shields and some hull so it counts for something in PvP.
Give it weapons: but make them weak. something only the Gorn would think about useing. Like Ultritium tiped autocannons. 1 port side and 1 starbord (180` coverage/ 10 hits of 80 kinetic damage) and a salvo of merculite rockets (4 at 800 kinetic damage / can be targeted like mines and shot down but fast moveing).
FX for the autocannon would be a yellow/gold tracer round(every 2nd round for 5 small sized pulses).
And give the platform a real death animation (not just fad out )

As for the Drones.
The Varanus only get the "Support Craft"
4 Support Craft spawn when ever the Varanus is under attack. They are set to Defensive/follow only.
Support Craft are armed with 1 fixed Ultritium tiped autocannon and a salvo of merculite rockets (fixed foward).
Damage the same as above.
2 of the support craft will have the healing beam. The other 2 will have a shield repair beam.
The FX will be a short fired beam that gives a HoT buff (hull and shield) to avoid AI issues.
The Gorn are proud to have salvaged a Borg transporter matrix and have fitted them to there Support craft. As a result the support ship can transport a boarding party (on a very long timer) onto an attacking ship.
If a Support Craft is destroyed it is replaced after 60 seconds from defeat. Support Craft will persist for there normal time and any support craft that "RTS" aka Returns To Ship will be ready should the Varanus come under atack again.

i do not belive the KDF will ever be evened up vs the Fed side of the game. And it kind of makes me sad.
but anyhoo ill get off my soapbox...
.................................................. .................................................. .................................................. .......................
I have been holding a torch light up for the "Big Green" for months now. The post above was made back on 05-21-11. Now it sounds like the KDF just wants to cave in on the Varanus platform and just accept there DSSV "clone"? No thanks.

How about insted of caveing in and giveing up on the "repair platform" state how it should work. What roll should it play? What could the "repair platform/ support platform" do for( you / The Fleet) that would make it worth it. Why would the KDF accept this ship into it's ranks? The platform makes the ship stand out. It's job is Fleet support!
Put it to work and make it do something Cryptic! Not just hang in space as mute artwork.

Thanks for your time.
Stay safe!
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# 9
07-03-2011, 11:16 AM
The varanus as it is now is 100x better than it was before the turn buff/hull nerf. A sci ship that cannot turn is a useless ship. An extra 10k does not matter if you serve no purpose. Its still the worst sci ship in the game, but Im not terribly bothered by that as Feds should have better science, and klings should have better firepower (unfortunately that is not the case).

The drones, however, are junk. The special ability option would be very nice. The extra engineer console would be very helpful in closing the gap a little.
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# 10
07-03-2011, 04:37 PM
I personally thought this would've been a better engineer's ship than a science vessel with the Orion ship one gets to be a better science vessel. The platforms, to me just don't make sense

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