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07-12-2011, 01:19 AM
I was thinking for the Varranus, that it would have a 'hangar' for its platforms. You would be able to slot purchaseable/craftable platforms. These would also come in the common, uncommon, rare, very rare grades. So that they benefit from the +5% per rarity rank bonus. Purple graded repair platforms, would be more effective in their healing by +15%.

The same concept could also apply to the Vo'Quv pets, D'Kyr support craft as well. You could easily add the RA/BG & VA/LG missions ingame. Then add the rewards to the list for those missions, whether it be components/schematics to craft them. Or a unique deployable as a reward.

Even though the platforms are supposed to be masked, npc ships will target them. I noticed this even though the platform was just under 10km from them. I saw a torpedo salvo go straight past me and blow my platform up.
Lt. Commander
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07-12-2011, 01:48 PM
I totally agree!

The visuals on the repair platforms and drones are great! But trying to use them and their overall value is just silly and a downer.

Currently I can only see using them as target spam in pve and pvp. Sadly its repair power is super low. It seems to have a very slow recharge hazard emitters one.

Here are a few options that I would suggest to get them working better.

1. Speed up the recharge time of the repair drones or make the repair drone more powerful in the amount healed.
2. Give them more repair powers including shield repair as well.
3. Limit the number of repair platforms and make them more quality vs quantity.

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