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For ease of reading, this guide will be split between multiple posts, as it is fairly long.

So, as everyone is certainly aware by now: Ground combat is changing substantially in the very near future. Having spent a lot of time with the changes now, I figure it is a good time to put out a limited guide to what has changed and how to cope with it.

I say limited because, as I play primarily Tactical officers, and Tactical is what I did all my Ground 2.0 testing with, I only really feel qualified to comment from that POV. Obviously some information will be general enough that anyone can use it, but this is definitely not a comprehensive guide.

I will also add that testing was done primarily on Normal against non-Borg enemies. Initially you might be thinking "But normal is so easy... who needs a guide for that?" - Herein lies one of the first differences. Ground combat 2.0 is actually a little tougher. It's not face-smashingly difficult on Normal or anything; but you can and will die in situations you would have breezed through previously.

Further, a lot of this is just documenting changes for people who haven't felt like venturing on to Tribble; I want to break them down in greater detail than I've seen done in a lot of places as well as adding some tips I've picked up in my testing.

Finally: I am not perfect. I do my best, everything written here has worked well for me personally and is written to my understanding of the situation, but I will not pretend to be a genius STO player nor omniscient. I mention this because nothing I present here is foolproof. As in real combat, what works on paper often requires everything to go according to plan... and things rarely do that once you actually meet the enemy.

So: with that firmly in mind...

Introduction to Ground 2.0

So what precisely has changed, and how does it affect us?

Well, first and foremost, above and beyond any other change is this:

Everything is faster. Absolutely everything. Powers activate faster, weapons fire faster, everyone has much lower HP and shield totals... entire groups can die in 15 seconds or less depending on their composition and what you have at your disposal.

However I want to note that this also applies to your group. Your HP and shields are also much lower than they used to be, and it does not take much concentrated fire to put you down. Having a medic in your group is rarely enough by itself to keep you from faceplanting by itself.

None of this means you will necessarily die a lot - it merely means that in order to survive you need to make some adjustments in playstyle. This will be discussed in depth in a later section - however the quick and dirty version goes like this:

1) Plan your attacks, do not just rush in guns blazing. Check to see if there are any Commander level mobs that need to be put down - if so, hit them with your best abilities to put them out of the fight fast. (Don't worry, even a Commander won't take much punishment before going down if you concentrate on them.)

2) Flanking is very scary now. Do not get flanked. Do flank the enemy if you can manage it. This pretty much precludes taking more than one enemy group at a time except in extremely favorable circumstances.

3) Believe it or not, the pause button is even more your friend now than before. You have absolutely zero time to think during Ground 2.0. If you need a second to assign targets, or plan a more complex attack, you'll want to pause.

4) Remember, thou art mortal. As noted numerous times before: You are not very tough any more. Even with abilities to boost your toughness and a medic at your back. This means you're going to want to sometimes pop in and out of cover, use crowd control abilities, and where possible, kill the other guys before they can kill you.

5) Expose/Exploit still exists, and it is still useful; however it is no longer essential for quick killing. The biggest thing with Expose/Exploit is to use it against Commander and Captain mobs, which have enough HP and especially enough damage to be big threats if you don't put them out of action fast. You can also benefit against Lieutenants, but they tend to be fragile enough that it's scarcely necessary.

Overall if one really did not want to use the mechanic, one would probably be able to get by without it. Though given that it is still handy for the previously mentioned targets, I wouldn't really be willing to do that myself.

That's the quick and dirty version.

What else has changed?

Well, there's shooter mode - This doesn't really impact the results of combat so much as it is just an alternate method for playing. In my opinion it's more fun; but it doesn't really feel particularly advantageous or disadvantageous as opposed to RPG mode.

*edit* Sadly while rebinding 1, 2 and 3 on Test worked fine, the Overlay cannot be disabled on live as near as I can tell. Thus what I originally had here no longer applies. Very unfortunate given how useful that was for me.

But again, RPG mode works just as well from what I saw - you lose some targeting precision, but gain by never missing a shot, whereas in shooter mode you can (and will) miss from time to time.

One other nice element to shooter mode is that you can throw Grenades over objects. This is a little tricky to aim in my opinion, but it does have some significant uses, especially if you are badly injured and have ducked behind cover to recuperate.

Another significant change is the weapons themselves - some weapons were merged, others fundamentally altered; and all of them are now useful. This is particularly important, since, from what I have seen, there are no longer weapons that just feel pathetic. Basically if you have a weapon you just like because of how it looks, you can now use it without guilt because it will be useful now. I'll get into the nitty-gritty of this in the next section.

I will however note that pistols and rifles (but not assault weapons), have a basic attack chain with their melee attacks now. Tap that melee attack 3 times and you'll have done a complete combo on them. Only the first hit knocks back though. Overall a pretty nice thing for dealing with enemies who are getting a little too friendly.

Lastly, are the powers. Just about every power has been altered at least a little bit - however I'm only going to talk about the Tactical powers in this guide, and those will be discussed in the Powers section rather than right here.

*edit* I forgot to mention - from what I can see, multiple copies of the same ability on the same BO cause a mutual cooldown between all of them. Like in Space, this global cooldown on identical abilities is 50% of the cooldown. So the Global Cooldown on Shield Recharge is 6 seconds. I have not been able to test this with a lot of abilities just yet, as only one of my Boffs was set up with more than one copy of the same ability.
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07-02-2011, 10:11 PM
Weapons - Changes, Usage, and Tactics

Weapons have undergone a massive overhaul with Ground 2.0; massive enough that I feel it's worth listing every weapon and getting as in-depth with it is as I can here. Note that some weapon types no longer exist, as they've been merged into other types or altered to new functionality, I will point this out where I am able.


Compression Pistol - Primary Fire - Single Shot; Secondary Fire - Compression Bolt (Exploit)

The compression pistol now fires very quickly, roughly a half second per shot. Importantly the Compression Pistol now does perfectly good damage with it's primary fire, so it's no longer just useful for it's fast-recharging secondary. The weapon is otherwise identical to before, primary fire is a single shot, secondary is a charge up shot, and the third is your melee combo.

Wide Beam Pistol - Primary Fire - Beam; Secondary Fire - Wide Beam (Expose)

This isn't all that different. It's faster firing now, damage is still pretty good - all told it's one of the least altered weapons in Ground 2.0.

Dual Pistols - Primary Fire - Rapid Fire Single Target; Secondary Fire - Rapid Fire Cone AoE (Expose)

Very much like they were before; a long with Wide Beam relatively unchanged; though of course faster firing than before.

Stun Beam Pistol - Primary Fire - Beam; Secondary Fire - Single Target Stun Beam (Expose)

I did not test this weapon extensively, largely because it did not seem that different. All told, pistols seem to have changed relatively little excepting a higher rate of fire and the lower enemy health making their damage much more significant.


Full Auto Assault Rifle (NEW!) - Primary Fire - 3-Round Burst; Secondary Fire - Rapid-Fire Cone AoE (Expose)

This is a new weapon created from the old Full Auto Assault weapon. Essentially it's an assault rifle.

The big thing to remember is that while this weapon fires a lot of rounds, it is actually a relatively slow firing weapon in terms of trigger pulls. It takes an entire second to fire a three round burst. This isn't really good or bad, it's just something you'll want to know ahead of time so you don't expect something like an M16 from an FPS. This is definitely a more deliberate rifle. That said the damage itself is nice, and the AOE on the cone is quite generous - all told it's not that dissimilar from the old full-auto-assault weapon; just in rifle form.

Sniper Rifle - Primary Fire - Single Shot, Secondary Fire - Sniper Shot (Exploit)

Similar to before. It has a pretty long range in comparison to other weapons as well, and because it's built for high burst damage in a low-HP environment, it can put opponents down fast and hard.

Pulsewave Assault Rifle(NEW!) - Primary Fire - Pulse Rifle Blast; Secondary Fire - Arcwave Blast (Expose)

The Pulsewave Assault Rifle is essentially the lovechild of the old Arcwave Assault weapon and the Pulse Rifle, with the additional contribution of a little bit of modern day shotgun aesthetics. It's primary fire is the Pulse Rifle's secondary fire, and it's secondary fire is the Arcwave's secondary fire. At least basically, it's more complicated than that.

Essentially that's what the Pulsewave assault is really - an energy shotgun. This weapon acts as a shotgun in pretty much every respect - including the old videogame trope of getting closer meaning more damage. At a significant distance, it won't do much more than tickle... up close, it can maul faces.

However when I say close, I mean REALLY close. We're talking old-school "point blank" shotgun type close. The damage can be worth it, but it's also a dangerous place to be in the new ground combat system. Also it has a neat shotgun pump action after each shot. While I'm not sure why an energy weapon needs a new shell chambered in it... I'm not going to complain.

High Energy Beam Rifle - Primary Fire - Beam; Secondary Fire - High Density Beam (Exploit)

Visually this weapon is not significantly different than before. Where it is different is in it's effectiveness. The health reduction across the board has made this weapon go from tickling the enemy, to actually being a significant threat in the right situations. That's the key here: It's a bit situational compared to other weapons, as it's high powered line-based attack requires enemies be very tightly grouped to work.

It does also still have the pushback element, which is handy in some situations. Ultimately this weapon is very much going to be YMMV all around - it works well enough on Normal that you could use it all the time and not be crippled at all by it... but it's situational in terms of really shining. If you are adept at creating those situations though, you might be well rewarded.

Split Beam Rifle - Primary Fire - Beam; Secondary Fire - Split Beam (Exploit)

Virtually unchanged except for slightly faster firing. (I think, I didn't calculate it out, but it does feel faster.) Still an excellent weapon, as it's always been.

Assault Weapons

Minigun (NEW!... ish. Kind of.) - Primary Fire - Rapid Fire Single Target; Secondary Rapid Fire Cone AOE (Expose)

This may not sound new, because at first glance it sounds a lot like the old Full Auto Assault weapon that got rolled into the Assault Rifle, and it's not that far removed to be honest. That said there are some differences worthy of note.

I want to especially note that I *love* the look of the energy bolts this gun fires, and I wish I could have them on every other weapon that fires bolts.

The biggest differences are that it slows you down when secondary firing (you walk for the duration), and second, there's a brief 'charge up' sequence before either type of attack fires. It makes up for both of these things by hitting quite hard however. Personally a favorite weapon going forward.

Also, this is from my understanding what the old Auto Targeting Beam weapons turned in to. Yes, as odd as it sounds, the old Full Auto Assaults turned into assault rifles, the Auto Targeting beams became Miniguns. I'm not complaining, but it is a bit of a head scratcher.

Blast Assault - Primary Fire - Single Bolt; Secondary Fire - AOE Blast (Expose)

As with many weapons, this one is very similar it before, except it fires more quickly. From what I can tell the damage numbers haven't even changed, however due to the lowered health all around, it now hits quite hard. I'll also add that the bolt weapon improvements are a definite improvement on this weapon in particular.

As far as I'm aware, that's now the entire list of assault weapons - the other two, the Arcwave and the Full Auto Assault, were either changed into or rolled into rifles.


Melee has not changed a great deal. However, shooter mode melee may be easier for those inclined toward action games, since you can now use left and right click to swing. For myself this makes comboing on the fly a lot easier and more fun. The other important thing of note is that at least in my testing thus far, melee animations no longer desynchronize, causing you to swing wildly while not doing damage half the time. It's a bug fix rather than a feature change, but it does make melee a bit more convienent.

Weapon Tips and Tricks

1) In Shooter Mode, any continuous fire cone attack can now be swept around, meaning you can change targets mid-maintain if something more appealing becomes available.

2) The Energy Blast Assault can be fired at the ground rather than directly at a target if you so desire - this can be useful for catching more mobs in it's AOE, especially if used as an opening shot.

3) Pistols and Rifles can now do a melee combo with their 3rd attack. The combo will Expose normally, but if the enemy is Exposed, it will instead do an Exploit. (I believe it does this on the third hit.)

4) Firing assault weapons (Miniguns, Blast Assault guns) in secondary mode will make you walk until the attack has completed. Use some caution about when you activate these attacks so you aren't caught in an environmental hazard.

5) Prefer the idea of merely changing a weapon's settings to carrying two weapons at once? With an Assault Rifle/Sniper Rifle combo you can now essentially do this, as they look identical if both weapons are the same rank, and their attacks are functionally not so different. The sniper rifle is essentially high-power mode for the assault rifle.

This is also an excellent basic combination, as t he Assault Rifle makes exposing enemies fairly easy, and the sniper rifle allows you to exploit important mobs without dilluting it's power over multiple targets. Split beam is still great, but since you have less need to expose/exploit weaker foes, the single target exploit is, imo, now a bit better in most situations. Your mileage may vary.

6) Weapons of greater rarity now inherently deal more damage. As an example, a MK X Phaser Pulsewave Assault (Energy Shotgun), does 86 DPS with it's primary fire if it's a white weapon. If it's purple (with no specific [Dmg] bonuses), it deals 100DPS. Significant. This means there are other things to think about when deciding between the nice bonuses on a particular blue weapon and a 'meh' bonus purple weapon.

7) In Shooter Mode, the crosshairs have 3 modes. Blue is Out of Range, Red with a blue bar on either side is In Range of Primary Fire, Out of Range for Secondary Fire. Red bars but a blue reticle means in range of secondary but not primary. I believe this only affects Sniper Rifles. - All Red is In Range for Everything.
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07-02-2011, 10:12 PM
Tactical Officer Powers

This is where we finally get to the Tactical Officer specific portion of the guide. I'm going to go through each power I have tested and give an overview of what's changed as well as tips and tricks that can be used with each. One big thing to note is that none of our powers are useless now! Everything has value; and this means we are very, very dangerous people.


One of my favorite topics of discussion!

As usual we have 4 different grenades:

Photon - This grenade is now extremely useful. If we ever get custom kits, I will be including Rank III on every kit I create, it's that awesome. Why is it so useful? Because if you spec for grenades, it now does absolutely tremendous damage to unshielded targets. It's damage to shielded targets isn't exactly horrible either. This is on top of it's knockdown functionality.

How powerful is Photon Grenade? Well Rank III, specced for grenades, can be used in conjunction with an assault rifle to 2-shot Ensign level mobs. It works like this: Toss your grenade, then rush up and hit secondary fire. Any Ensign level critters hit by both attacks will be dead. Anything hit by just one of the two attacks is going to be badly damaged. It is possible to kill an entire weak spawn with this technique.

That said Photon Grenade now shares a timer with Smoke Grenade, and has a 20 second cooldown. So it's powerful and useful, but it's also not exactly spamable. As with any grenade, it can also be a bit tricky to get mobs under it - in large part because if you toss it directly at them your BO's may open fire; which will cause the mobs to move toward you, resulting in a grenade that falls behind most of them. The trick here is to toss it at their feet in shooter mode, as from what I've seen, the BOs do not register this as an attack on the mobs until the explosion goes off. Another option is to use pause to put the BOs on passive for a couple of seconds - taking them off passive just as the grenade is about to hit.

Smoke - Pretty well unchanged from what I can see. Useful under some circumstances, annoyingly line of sight blocking in others. The nice thing now is that since you can toss it wherever you want in shooter mode, you can anticipate where the mobs will go after you open fire, rather than trying to plant smoke and then having them rush off to the four winds.

Plasma - Also does solid damage, however it should be noted that because it's more focused on DOT damage than instant damage, it's less useful than Photon Grenade in most situations. That said, since it can be tossed anywhere, it can also be used for area denial. The DOT component, due to lowered enemy health, is also significant now. One Rank III Plasma Grenade can, given time, kill all the ensign mobs in a spawn on it's own. That said, photon grenade can put out enough damage that a simple AOE attack can clean up the ensigns in a spawn as well, and it's faster than Plasma grenade.

Most importantly, this no longer has a friendly fire component at all - so you can throw it anywhere you like with no repercussions against you.

Stun - I didn't use it a great deal before Ground 2.0; and I'm not sure I'll use it a whole lot after either. It's not that it's bad mind you - the crowd control is useful; but because it reduces in effectiveness as the target takes damage, it tends to be a very brief stun in most situations. That said, that may be personal preference, as I tend to be very... enthusiastic... with my firepower. For someone with more restraint it may very well be an extremely useful power. As with all grenades, you can now put it anywhere you like, which is great.

Buffs and Debuffs

Battle Strategies - This has replaced Focus Fire. The big changes are: It is now a flat damage bonus for 15 seconds, instead of a resistance decrease against targets you hit while it is active. It also removes tactical debuffs (things like Supressing Fire, Fire on My Mark and the like - mostly useful for PVP at present.); and also has a small chance to Expose someone who attacks you while this buff is active.

*update* - This is not a personal buff, but a targeted buff, at least for Boffs. Meaning your Boff can put the damage bonus on you, rather than on themselves. This brings up all kinds of interesting possibilities that I need some time to explore. Multiple instances from different boffs appear to stack as well.

Suppressing Fire - This is very similar to live, with two big changes. First, the debuff lasts 9 seconds, instead of 3. Obviously this is handy, especially given how short fights tend to be in Ground Combat 2.0. The other change is that there's a chance to root a target for 9 seconds as well (10% according to the tool tip) - while this is not enormous, it's a nice to have thing. I think this ability could be particularly potent if stacked on multiple tactical BO along with the captain; that said I have not tested that extensively.

Motion Accelerator - This now has a Physical Damage increase on it as well as a run speed increase and root/snare/stun immunity. It also lasts 21 seconds at Rank III, which is long enough to get you through most fights. Now for the downside: It has a 3 minute cooldown. Obviously Tactical Initiative can help with that, but nevertheless, it's not something you can run constantly.

Ambush - Ambush has one very wonderful change about it - it no longer breaks on damage! Given the lowered enemy health, this is now a very dangerous ability, especially if you're set up for sniping Commander and Captain level mobs. It does however only apply to a single attack, so make sure it's a good one.

POSSIBLE BUG - Ambush DOES seem to increase the damage done by attack powers (Grenades were tested specifically), but is not consumed by them. My hope is that not-consuming it is the bug, rather than applying damage to the powers.

Overwatch - Much like before, however it's a bit lest useful due to lower overall health. This isn't to say it's weak or bad, but even with it up you can die quite rapidly under some circumstances. Offense has basically become a higher priority in my opinion, at least on Normal.

Draw Fire - I never liked this ability on live... I like it even less now given the shear quantity of damage coming in. The damage debuff is nice, but I do not feel it counters the incoming damage to an extent that makes attempting to 'tank' all that useful. That said, one could thereotically work with other players to put enough damage resistance on a tactical officer that this ability could still be useful along with a medic healing.


Sweeping Strikes - This is just Leg Sweep renamed. Only major difference is, as with everything, lowered mob HP makes it more useful.

Lunge - Only one big change really... instead of a lunging punch, it's now a Kirk dropkick. See above for the only other significant difference.


Stealth - Significant changes here. Stealth no longer appears to have any sort of time limit on it, and when you detoggle it, you get a short term 15% damage increase much like decloaking in space. Using an object will still de-stealth you, and you cannot use ranged weapons from stealth.

*edit* Apparently between my testing on Tribble and Season 4 going live, the melee-while-stealthed thing was removed. I'm going to assume that it was a bug rather than intentional.

Stealth Rank III was also powerful enough that I could slip right by groups of mobs going straight through the middle; however if I stopped near them for any length of time, they would aggro me.

All testing was done with Rank III, 7 ranks in Close Combat and 9 in Special Forces. No ranks in the Stealth skill.

Rallying Cry - A bit of a nerf it seems. The heal is substantially weaker, being a fixed 12hp/sec over 15 seconds (possibly increased by skills), while the rest of the ability has not changed much. The cooldown, I will add, is now double what it was.

It's still useful, but if you used this skill as I did, as a supplementary AOE heal, you'll likely be in for a disappointment.

Captain Powers

Targeting Optics - This power no longer requires a target, so if you want you can set it up with the rest of your buffs before a fight. However if enemies are in range and in front of you, it retains it's old expose functionality; so there's that to think about as well.

Fire on My Mark - Seems to be about the same. -Res on target, -Stealth on target.

Tactical Initiative - This power went from already-awesome to even-better. Why? Because now it's an AOE recharge buff. That's right, your nearby BOs skills will also be recharged by this ability! So now it's not just useful for double security escorts; but also for making sure your medic can actually heal you, or making your Tac officers put out that much more pain. The range is 30 Meters, which is quite generous. So long as your group is in the same vaguely general area, you should be fine to hit everyone with it.

Note: Despite what it says, skills do not affect Tactical Initiative. Likewise it seems to not always hit all 5 members of the group as it's supposed to. Hopefully these are bugs to be corrected. h/t Arkin

Security Escort - The major change here is the weapon your escorts are equipped with. Instead of beam rifles, they now have access to Assault Rifles. This can be wonderful in a hectic situation, as their AOEing can cause enemies to switch to them as targets, not to mention helps out some damage on everything nearby.

Only negative is that as with everything, the reduced health makes the redshirts more vulnerable. At this point they really can die like redshirts at times. This is generally fine though, as it's only an issue on AOE heavy enemies, and even then they tend to get in a few good shots before going down. Still a good power in my opinion.

Tactical Team - Unchanged.



All told, the new low-HP high-speed environment, I feel, favors Tactical Officers quite a bit. Our high damage allows us to put mobs down before they can do much of anything to us; so long as we are smart with our abilities.

We can also no longer rely on a medic (even a really good one) to keep us standing, as the damage may come in too fast for them to do anything about it. So on a team, we need to be intelligent about how and when we deploy large spikes of damage - preferably in situations that will result in kills, rather than a lot of angry mobs massacring you.
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# 4
07-02-2011, 10:54 PM
I am definitely loving some of this... especially meeleeing while partial-stealthed.
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# 5
07-02-2011, 11:09 PM
Nice Guide Do you prefer Squad Leader Kit? What are your thoughts on BO powers?
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# 6
07-03-2011, 12:50 AM
Squad Leader has been my kit since I hit RA5 way back when that was the cap hehe; it's been such an extremely useful kit for me, particularly Rally Cry. I'm not sure if I'm going to keep using it as my main kit going forward though... while Photon Grenade is now awesome, I'm not nearly as happy with Rally Cry or Overwatch.

It's going to take more playtesting before I"m certain on that point though. I kind of want to try it Live for awhile before I make firm decisions on that point as additional changes could come through, or I might have a different opinion of those powers after spending time with and without them under the new combat system.

As to BO powers; I'm honestly not a good one to ask. The reason is that I tend to build my Boffs for theme first and foremost, rather than power; so while I could give you dozens of variant builds... they'd all be based around some theme or another; rather than being effective. It's just how I play.

That's why I didn't write up a section on Boffs. >.> I hope that's OK.
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07-03-2011, 01:12 AM
Originally Posted by mistformsquirrel
Squad Leader has been my kit since I hit RA5 way back when that was the cap hehe; it's been such an extremely useful kit for me, particularly Rally Cry. I'm not sure if I'm going to keep using it as my main kit going forward though... while Photon Grenade is now awesome, I'm not nearly as happy with Rally Cry or Overwatch.
I used to use Operative all the time, but with S4 I'm debating between Fire Team, Grenade Satchel, and Squad Leader. The over all value of Kit abilities seems to have gone down. I do feel like the lack of healing is what makes Squad Leader even more valuable at this time though, and the really quick cool down on Photon seems very strong to me.

Originally Posted by mistformsquirrel
As to BO powers; I'm honestly not a good one to ask. The reason is that I tend to build my Boffs for theme first and foremost, rather than power; so while I could give you dozens of variant builds... they'd all be based around some theme or another; rather than being effective. It's just how I play.

That's why I didn't write up a section on Boffs. >.> I hope that's OK.
No right or wrong way to play a game
My BO teams are fairly standardized. But mainly b/c I'm after specific traits.
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07-03-2011, 01:31 AM
Photon has a 20 second cooldown, which in practice is usually the entire duration of a fight in Ground 2.0. It might sound a bit powerful given how strong the grenades are, but on a functional level its usually a once a fight weapon. Twice for particularly long fights.

I also exaggerated via mistake about Photon Grenade as compared to Plasma Grenade. Plasma does more damage total due to the DOT actually being quite meaningful now - but Photon does it's damage instantly and has a knockdown. I inadvertently claimed that Photon Grenade could kill all the ensign mobs in a spawn by itself... that's a bit much. In my experience, if specced heavily for grenades, it'll take a little over half their health; the other half the damage usually comes from a convienent AOE weapon attack.

Basically Photon Grenade is, imo, better, because it's full potential is used immediately, while Plasma grenade's DOT component has to be allowed to play out for it to be at it's most powerful. Plasma is still quite useful though.

As for the kit itself.. It's definitely not a bad kit even after this. I did a lot of my early testing using my Squad Leader kit and had zero issues; it's just that now other kits have become attractive enough that they might be able to win me away from it. Then again I may just be getting tired of the same four abilities. >.> I have been using them since not that long after launch <~_~>;
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# 9
07-03-2011, 01:50 AM
True but compared to the two and three min cool downs you find on many kit powers these days, you can always count on having it . Plasma damage isn't bad, and it keeps that pesky shield regen down, but I really love Photon's scattering a formation during a pull; it is awesome .
I can totally understand wanting a change after using a kit that long. I love Operative b/c Stealth is 4tw! Also Focus Fire aka Battle Strategies is really the best kit power shootie damage adder , and Lunge is as always totally awesome. (Even more awesome with its new graphic.) But Fire team is awesome too!
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# 10
07-05-2011, 02:32 PM
does anyone know if the new tactical initive works on other captains as well? because if it does than it is possible to create an infinite amount of security escorts with two tac captains!

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