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07-05-2011, 03:05 AM
Q: Yreodred Will the DOFF system allow us to adjust our ships performance, like enhancing their firepower, shield output or maneuverability?

A: Your captain will be able to have a select group of crew members set to "Active Roster" duty. Depending on which Duty Officers you slot in your Active Roster, you will unlock passive bonuses similar to the ones you are describing.
Very cool.
Thank you Mr. DStahl for you answer.

I think we are heading into a direction where ships are more flexible and more customziable, i think its really great.
Especially federation ships with universal BO slots are a nice step into that direction (PvE).
I am sorry for PvPers, since the balance seems to get out of hand, but the bigger part of the player base will have some really nice options and ships to fly.
This is a big step forward to have to opportunity to fly the ship we want and not just the BO/Console layout we like.

I think the devs should release special PvP ships that are soley balanced for PvPing, since the discrepancy between customization and balance seems to be a bit too much for some players.
As soon as you enter a PvP zone/area you should have to switch to the PvP ship.
I think this could solve a lot of problems IMO.

Live long and prosper.
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07-05-2011, 03:46 AM
Originally Posted by Xenor-Nyiad View Post
Thank you so much!

Today while doing The Cure, someone choose "Need" at the last second, which canceled out all the other "Greed" choices. This is the one thing that annoys me more than The Cure STF itself. I'm tired of people choosing "Need" as a way to screw everyone else over.

In all honesty, I could care less if I didn't get the very rare medic kit because I lost to a "Greed," but when someone delibrately rolls "Need" to auto-win....that's pathetic.

Then later on another team member rolled "Need" to auto-win a very rare anti-proton heavy cannon.

You have no idea how happy I am to see this answer, do your best to change the mind of the system designers....let them know of the annoying incidents like mine.
Easiest and laziest thing to do is make all these STF's soloable so people like me who don't want to deal with these types of people don't have too. I rarely come across any good quality players most of them are just out to rip you off for EC/Data Samples or to troll you to watch you waste your personal resources. I think Cryptic should be aware of this by now and give us the choice to just be able to solo. Some people would try to argue its a mmorpg with other players but in all respects its not about people its about the continuing content that you do not get from console games. I just get tired of trolls and people that are know it alls that do not know jack about this game LOL. (Last note, I propose that these fleets not gonna name names but if they keep blind inviting I think they should get disbanded for that kind of behavior.)
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07-05-2011, 03:51 AM
Originally Posted by Powerhelm View Post
Because all of 5 subscribers bought the Rigelian character species whereas the Caitian species was extremely popular. Marcom looks at this and says "Wait don't give them BOFFs of this species, they're willing to pay for them." Demand builds and Marcom allows the Devs to release them and judging by how many I saw just on the exchange that day I'd say it was a profitable thing.

Also, we do get to actually CHOOSE which sex/profession we want which I'm actually willing to pay for (even though you can easily buy these on the exhange at any time in most flavors for EC).
You are wrong. The decision on not including the Caitian BOffs was made before they sold a single one. The could not know how well it would sell other then making a guesstimate.

But one of the biggest flaws in their evilness (other then not including the Caitian BOffs with the Specie) was that they made ALL Caitian BOffs the same when it comes to traits and skills. No variation like there are on the Free BOffs on the other species in the game. Is that good too? Not in my eyes. It's worthless. You will have to train all of them to get some good skills.

They could have given them some of these abilities, then they might have been worth it:
Mine Barrier 3
Cover Shield 3
Medical Shield Generator 3
Quantum Mortar Fabrication 3
Fuse Armor 2
Fuse Armor 3
Support Drone Fabrication 2
Plasma Grenade 3
Motion Accelerator 2
Motion Accelerator 3
Anesthizine Gas 2
Dampening Field 2
Anesthizine Gas 3
Dampening Field 3
Hypo- Melorazine 3
Tricorder Scan 3
Hyperonic Radiation 3
Photonic Shock Wave 3
Scramble Sensors 3
Charged Particle Burst 3
Photonic Officer 3
Combat Supply 2
Stun Grenade 2
Ambush 2
Nanite Health Monitor 2

Making them all the same means you have to buy other BOffs to train them with or use friends to trade them with to train them for you.

Originally Posted by KnightErrant View Post
That's the problem. If profiteering was the motivation for the Caitian BOff screw then why can't they be honest with us and tell us that, rather than deflecting into some gibberish about unrelated Borg BOffs and empty talk of future systems that will never come to pass.

Why DStahl? Why do we have to pay extra for Caitian BOffs when Rigellian, Pakled, Klingon, Ferengi and Tellarite BOffs are FREE???

I actually like this game, but my faith in the company running it is so diminished I find it hard to believe anything they say anymore.
I agree completely.

I will never buy from the C-Store again.
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07-05-2011, 07:39 AM
Originally Posted by Chew View Post
There are a lot of great thoughts! I really hope, these will play out.
I'm especially excited about the plan to make a borderless space or "one large sector" as DStahl said. This would really really help the authentic feel of Star Trek!
Another great thing would be if there would original ST music in the game. I see that it's a licensing issue. Quite a pity, I just can't understand that. Most of Star Wars games (all of them?!) have their original music and this is a great deal of what makes them so feeling "Star Wars".
I've always missed that in Star Trek games, really. (really really... ;-))
Seems that when it comes to Star Trek, with its IPs being split up among various entities, it's a bit harder to nail things down. Also keep in mind that LucasArts is behind the Star Wars games--so the IP holders are directly involved.

I still think it's a shame and kind of ridiculous that a game based on an IP doesn't have full access to said IP. Seems counter-intuitive. Kind of like having one dedicated ship artist on a game dedicated to ships.
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# 115 Site down?
07-05-2011, 08:31 AM
Why is your website down? Was it hosted by Atari's servers?
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07-05-2011, 09:41 AM
Originally Posted by Liam.Paratus
Why is your website down? Was it hosted by Atari's servers?
Very good question
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07-05-2011, 10:43 AM
Looking good but a little bit disappointed that Into the Hive ain't gone be around until October.
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07-05-2011, 11:24 AM
Q: McCooey Any plans to add more starbases in different sectors?

A: Yes, and in fact the next Featured Series will open up a new one for both Fed and KDF players.

Q: Tricksterbro When do you imagine the Gamma and Delta quadrant's will be opened up to explore, what series would you like to see them in?

A: We plan to open up a few missions in the Gamma quadrant during the next Feature Episode series which will take place near Deep Space 9.

Hoping for a Dominion base...
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# 119 Thanks Dan!
07-06-2011, 12:17 AM
Thanks for answering one of my questions ..... now could we spell my name right next time

Also I have this idea, it may have been given before or at least talked about. right now we have Transports, Freighters, Ferengi, and other merchants. Here is the problem IMO, they all basically sell the same things and all they sell is common items. Wouldn't it be better if there was someway for them to have some Uncommon and/or Rare items? I find it hard to believe that a Ferengi can't find anything but common items to sell .....
You could have them sell different items at different times. All of the merchants always stock the same items, they never change their inventory. Maybe there is a way to mix this up, have them sell different things at different times mixing in some Uncommon & Rare items. Right now there is no reason for me to ever look at any of the merchants because I know that the one on Earthdock has the consumables I need and they aren't going to have anything special .... Just my 2.......

and once again thanks for my answer!
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07-06-2011, 05:59 PM
The super dooper uber cruiser is on it's way.
Can't wait.

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