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07-05-2011, 10:39 AM
I don't want to sound pessimistic, but damn! Few days ago I updated STO after few months, but reading this ... it's just repulsive to even start it. Not to mention the friend list on STO website is turning more in to offline list.
Really I'm not drawn in to this game .. maybe cryptic can do sth about it
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07-05-2011, 10:43 AM
Great description on the unbalanced PvP world Topic starter, I havent read it all, but what I've read I most fully agree with

"2) It was not a full revamp (we still have kits, BOs, weapon-switching requirements, non-FPS), but it still took them over half a year to get it."

I agree, the Ground part received an addition, no more, no less. And yeh a little tweaking on the weapons but i wouldnt call it a big overhaul or revamp, more like Version 1.01 :p
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07-05-2011, 11:43 AM
Originally Posted by amidoinitright View Post
You mean this game has ground pvp?
I don't know if it ever really had a good showing of players who enjoyed it, but it was there. And will be there abit more with the new changes for a short term I feel. It'll probobly get more active for the next.. 2 or 3 months tops before the Shiny new Shooter Mode grows stale. Not to mention, honestly, I felt more effective on my Tac on Tribble OUT of shooter mode. Since you auto lock on your target and never have to worry about trying to find him and keep a target on him.

Oh and sorry for that Crit.. I should really have not poped all my Text Buffs first.
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07-05-2011, 12:34 PM
What if subnucleonic beam removed X number of debuffs and put a skill debuff like it have right now on the target, make it drain 50 aux that would take y seconds to return(could or maybe could not be modified with eps consoles).
Reduce the reuse timer to 30-45seconds

The X amount of debuffs removed would depend on consoles/spec (to actually have an inpact on the skill)

Scramble sensors I dont know either i feel abit like you that currently its stupid messing with ppls targeting and skill activations when you already have problem with ui-lag target selection on screen is just crap, but removing the "power" from scramble sensors would infact make healing even more of a problem then it is now.

Well you take gurumba vs galx, for the purpose of the lance I didn't even bother to use it when I was flying the gurumba, now consider this instead take the fleet escort(gurumba) and compare it too the defiant(raptor), you put them side by side you notice that the fleet escort cant cloak and have 1 more engineering console witch make fleet escort more of a "dpsers escort", what I mean is you can stay abit longer in fight you have an additonal engineering power. now look at the defiant its mostly usualy setup to be a decloak burst 1shottytype of builds because it have cloak and well it have only two engineering consoles.

Now take the raptor and the gurumba they have the same properties except the raptor have an additional console and 44k hp while the gurumba have 2 engineering consoles and 39k hp, an ability that looks cool but put yourself into a tractorbeam. To me there is an advantage over taking the fleetescort depending on your build but taking the gurumba is a joke everytime.

The entire healing problem in space have been around for so long (s2) its like you have to bring burst or lots of scispam or 3snb or this or that.. I mean I played a game where we had low dmg output team random +era and someother tsi vs a pug zombie cruiser team. Man what a dull game it was eventually I said ffs in zone and one or two of the cruisers warped out.
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07-05-2011, 03:22 PM
I don't quite agree with several points you made.

Scramble sensors for one, has always worked the way it does right now. The only change since launch has been slaving the duration to aux power. I don't believe there is any real difference between the tiers in the effect, just the duration. Random effect is random.

It definitely doesn't make sense to beam teams to hostile ships, though, and I've wanted to see this power changed to something else long before anyone started complaining about it. As a sci player, I definitely don't like how random it is. I want to know my debuff is actually doing something.

SNB has a quite long cooldown and is only ever situationally useful. Use it and then you can't use it another 2 minutes. You have to be very careful about when you use it or you waste it. I'm not fond of the way it works either, but nerfing it isn't quite fair with it being the only real counter to resistance stacking.

But neither scramble nor SNB are balanced for PVE either. That is just nonsense. Scramble sensors can take something challenging like the gate battle in Infected or Khitomer Accord and make it trivially easy, especially if multiple ships use it, yet in a 1 on 1 encounter it is completely useless. SNB, on the other hand is virtually useless in PVE because NPCs don't ever use buffs, and who cares about their cooldowns?

The idea of team changes is also a bit short sighted. Teams have a global cooldown of 15s. A 10s time on them is absurd, that is 66% uptime with 2 copies. That should never be possible for something that makes you completely immune to many debuffs.

Tactical team lasting 10s is overpowered, I said as much when it was first released, and I have never seen anyone using boarding parties since its upgrade. I don't bother anymore, because boarding parties are near useless thanks to the ubiquitousness of tactical team.

Science team lasting 10s without secondary buffs like the old resistance buff would still be a waste of an LTC science slot, but definitely starts treading on the viability of certain science powers.

Engineering team at 10s would also be massively detrimental to the use of subsystem targeting and viral matrix, both of which are already mediocre powers.

The problem with the team powers is they provide unlimited blanket immunities. That is why they can't last long. Now if they only cleared a limited number of debuffs before expiring, then maybe they could last longer.

Heal/resistance stacking is something of a problem, yes, however, the thing everyone always forgets to mention is how absurdly fast people die without any resistances. Resistances are completely necessary with the current state of damage dealing. That is why people stack them! Heals of course compound the issue by easily removing damage that wasn't resisted. It's not an easy balance to strike at all, but I still think a lot of the issue is tunnel vision and forgetting that if a team is buffing that focused target, the rest of them are more vulnerable.
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07-05-2011, 06:33 PM
So.. There is an issue with the abilities of the team powers, when they are version 3, lasting 10 seconds, and Version 1 of the Team abilities lasting 5 Seconds? Really?

That would mean:
Science team 3 Duration 10 seconds (Would only affect the Special Operations Bonus)
Engineering Team 3 Duration 10 seconds ( would only effect it's bonus it gives, not it's heals)
Tactical Team 3 Duration 10 Seconds (Wouldn't change anything that is already in the game now...)

Sure it would mean that the durations would last longer on the Version 3 Team skills, but what is so wrong with the most powerful versions of the Team abilites lasting longer then the others? And providing better benifits? That would be like saying that EVERY power should be the same from Rank 1 - Rank 3.

And I don't think that should be..

Now the topic did bring up yet another annoyance I have with the game.. Debuffs never equal the same as a buff on a target. How am I supposed to debuff a target when my debuffs, which are supposed to be more then the Buffs the target has, actually aren't? And it seems like the development team doesn't want Debuffs to stack to high because of possible fears of it getting so low that their strongest PVE would get slaughtered. And while I can understand that, in PVP, it makes it more difficult to fly against other players who build their ships around being next to impossible to kil, either by themselves, or with other players.

So in other words, you should be able to debuff a target down to their base, or lower, eaiser then requireing an SNB.
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07-06-2011, 08:08 AM
Tactical team 3 would never be used anyhow science team 3 isn't used by anyone or very few atm, and engineering team is in use all the time.
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07-06-2011, 09:27 PM
Then perhaps the team abilities need overhauls themselves in general? Make it so that version 3 would be extremely worth it beyond just Engineering team 3?

Just a thought really.
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07-06-2011, 10:23 PM
Tactical Team 3 would have to be pretty special for an Excelsior or an Escort Captain to use it. Even if it offered the current shield distribution buff for longer than it does now.
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07-06-2011, 10:39 PM
Possible solution would make the actuall transfear rate on tactical team more potent for higher versions.

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