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So after S4 goes live, I hear some iffy things about Foundry missions. I go to play mine and I get put into a holodeck room rather than the appropriate map of my mission. Now I assume this is a mechanism put in place to prevent people from playing a mission that may be buggy based on Foundry changes. Apparently all one has to do is republish to fix this.

However, this isn't really apparent to anyone who plays the mission. I actually loaded up my mission in the editor and found fresh reviews for today. Some apparently before the update, but one clearly after that said the mission didn't work. I assume they got the holodeck that I got.

The problem with this, is that until I republish it, that is all anyone is going to see, and anyone clueless about what is going on is going to give me bad reviews until it gets republished.

So I highly suggest updating this mechanism for future Foundry updates that will require republishing. Make it extremely obvious to anyone who tries to play the mission that it is not a problem with the mission itself, but the fact that it needs to be republished. Perhaps go so far as to disable the ability to review or play it. Send an automated in-game email to an author to remind them to republish it as well.

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