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I'm trying to map ground controls to my 360 controller. The new 'Shooter Tray Scroll' commands are great, but only seem to work with 'left mouse click', 'right mouse click' and 'middle mouse click'.

Here's an example:

When I use a keyboard to scroll (for instance) to the middle cluster of three in the second tray slot, pressing the primary fire button will activate the left hand or 'primary' power slot of the newly selected power cluster, before reseting to the original position. This works as it should.

Although I can map the keys properly to my xbox 360 controller, when I scroll to the same power tray cluster as above, pressing the primary fire button will activate the first power in the first tray slot.

It appears that the key bind /+ShooterPrimary acts differently for the keyboard as it does for a 360 controller.

I wonder if anyone else has come across the problem or has a solution?

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