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I quite like the new thirdy persony shootery mode, so I use it all the time. What I don't like is the amount of spam it causes in the chat box. Whenever I loot something, or open some interface window the game sees fit to tell me, as if I wasn't aware of the fact, that I've changed to RPG mode and/or back again. If looting a bunch of stuff after a firefight (had 5 drops earlier) that quickly amounts to a huge amount of spam (was 10 lines in that case). Of course I could always just disable system messages I suppose, but shouldn't have to just because 1 spesific message is stupid and annoying when the rest of them generally aren't.

Might seem like a petty thing to pick up on, but it really does annoy me. And someone allready beat me to making the annoying fat font thread :p

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