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Sorry its not a art issue per se... well ESD is involved... hmm

Is it intentional for the warp in point for SOL system to be lower than the Starbase dock doors?

It would be nice to be able to engage full impulse and go straight for the doors rather than go straight and end up under the saucer section of the station, or have to go up then level out.

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07-09-2011, 12:24 PM
I suppose if my starship so happened to be the first to arrive, I would enjoy having an easy impulse burst straight to the doors. Though to be fair consider how many starships spawn at that point of arrival? Sometimes 10+ starships can be seen just sitting out there. My ship arrives late to that particular party and is spawned above, below or to either side of the fleet.

It really depends upon how patient I am to get into Spacedock that day. Sometimes it's a challenge to gracefully maneuver my starship for that perfect alignment to the space doors. This is likely why manual docking is optional. not everyone takes the time to reach those doors at all.

Now if we do get lucky later, we might get a cutscene from the interior of Spacedock. This might be the only way to counter the fact that Spacedock is, technically, a shared experience. By default, a cutscene would perfectly center our unique starship model as it crosses the threshold.

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