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Yesterday at 11:29 the Space Shuttle Atlantis lifted off its pad at Kennedy Space Center embarking on the final 12 day shuttle flight in world history. The anticipated date of return is July 20th, 2011, and as we in the Star Trek community know the decommissioning of any vessel is an emotional time of reflection for the everyone involved in its operation, from the flight crew to the thousands of individuals who work day and night keeping it and the souls aboard safe, while achieving mission objectives in the most inhospitable of environments.

In honor of this coming date, I want to invite the Star Trek Online community to send a message to NASA, that their efforts have not gone unnoticed, that the spirit of human exploration outlives the machines we build, and the souls we lose, and the dream of a united humanity and a universe of possibilities will always persevere on this tiny planet we call home.

To participate, on July 20th, simply rename your ship after one of the shuttle vehicles, Discovery, Atlantis, Endeavor, and of course Challenger and Columbia (Enterprise omitted due to naming convention policy).

To NASA, a message from the 24th Century:

Good luck, godspeed
Live long, and prosper

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