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# 1 Non-Combat PvP Spawn Areas
07-09-2011, 10:05 PM
Today I was invited to participate in a ground PvP. I'm not big on PvP but I figured what the heck and went in. First thing I noticed was my team partner was, I think, about 6 levels lower than me, and that one of my opponents was 24 levels higher than me. After say three shots my shields were gone and my health was at about 50% at best. Shouldn't there be a limit on how far apart in levels members of opposing teams can be?

Second thing I noticed was I was dead, and when I hit respawn I saw myself revive and stand up...right next to the two opponents who immediately opened fire on me. It quickly became apparent they weren't going to move from that spot, so I just kept respawning and dying (sometimes I took a few shots so it wouldn't look like I had 100% given up... just 98%) and eventually the match ended. Tons of fun!

I'm thinking that the PvP queues should take into account the levels of the people being put into teams. for obvious reasons.

Another thing is that both ground and space PvP need Non-Combat Spawn areas. The benefit is, of course, the other side cannot spawn camp. The Non-Combat Spawn Areas also need to have a diameter of 15 to 20km. This will force people to leave the spawn area and seek out the enemy. I've seen some people say that in space PvP, one team will respawn, sit and wait for the other side to come to them. I guess depending on the strength of the sides involved, waiting for the other team to come to you can be a major advantage. If, however, the spawn area is 15 or 20km in diameter, players of one team MUST move in order to get within combat range of the other team. Also, if the other team is sitting right on the edge of your spawn area, waiting for you to come out, your team has plenty of room to organize itself before the enemy can fire.

What happens once the teams are in the combat area is up to them. But the spawn area camping simply takes all the fun out of PvP, in my opinion.
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# 2
07-09-2011, 11:31 PM
Yes, this is an old problem to Ground PvP - Safe Spots.

In fact, there are bugs from Beta still obviously present in Ground Maps such as one particulare respawn point thats in a doorway and you are effectively stuck.
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# 3
07-10-2011, 04:05 AM
I'm thinking that the PvP queues should take into account the levels of the people being put into teams
If one of your enemies was 24 levels above you, you must have been in a Private Challenge. The Queue only allows people of the same tier to play against each other. That works fairly well, the up to 9 level difference possible at lower tiers is still sufficient to contribute, and good players can more than make up the difference in levels there. But 24 level difference is just too high, space or ground.

Spawn Camping is something that could use a few more precautions by Cryptic. (Like not spawning people at spots near enemy players.)

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