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Hello everyone,

I've been having an issue with Z-fighting in more than just STO, but it seems to be present most prominently and predictably in STO, and so I thought I'd see if anyone might know what's causing it.

First, my system is a Dell Studio 1537 Laptop running Win7 x64 with a Radeon HD 3450, and I am currently running Catalyst version 11.6. Other information if needed can be found in a DxDiag report here:

Here is a screenshot that illustrates some of the z-buffering errors I am seeing:
They are visible in the sign above the door and in the hallway, as well as minor errors in the ends of the banners.

These are the things I have noticed about this problem:

It only seems to happen if water or some similar shader is being rendered (it happens sometimes in space, although I have not identified the object being rendered that triggers the problem, although it may be suns). In the screenshot I am next to the fountain in ESD. If I turn my camera to face away from the fountain, the problem disappears entirely.

Only one option in STO's video config seems to affect this: Anti-Aliasing. If I enable Anti-Aliasing the problem disappears. The only other option that sometimes affects this issue is view distances, although this is an indirect result of the objects with water or similar shader being used being clipped from the scene.

The reason I mentioned in the title of this thread that this might be driver-related is that I first noticed this problem after updating my video drivers quite some time ago. I somehow managed to fix this problem in the past by rolling back to an older driver I got directly from I recently updated my video driver again for other reasons, this problem re-emerged, and I was unable to find the previous driver that did not have this issue.

The other reason I am also looking at a driver issue for this is what happens when I disable Catalyst A.I. With Catalyst A.I. disabled, all transparency effects become completely corrupted and water doesn't render hardly at all. Here is another screenshot:

I hope someone might be able to think of some connection between all of this, It's been stumping me for months. I can probably provide any more information about my system if needed.

Thanks in advance!

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