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# 1 [RP] The Freelancers
07-10-2011, 11:00 AM

Starfleet has always been an organization that was run and led by people who joined voluntary for a variety of reasons and well aware of all the risks it could bring to them. Still never was Starfleet so pressed for personnel and never before where there so few people willing to join, the war was leaving deep scars and it was clear people had to think outside the box.

One of the outside the box projects was the Freelancers, volunteers from Starfleet who signed up to join a specialised fleet that would go deep behind the enemy lines in order to disrupt them and to do as much damage as they could. An other small part would go around the the enemies empires looking for allies who where willing to aid the Federation in her struggle by simply offering the ships of the Freelancers a base where they could repair and rearm.

So the Freelancers set out using any means available to them they struck deep inside the Klingon Empire as well as the Romulan Star Empire. Not all ships made it back as the first round of strike ended in a loss of 15% of the ships, but everyone within the Freelancers knew the risks, not once, but twice they had signed up for it. And even though the first strike came at a high price many lessons where learned and from those lessons Vice Admiral Kiana Cerev pulls her wisdom as she prepares to get the Freelancers into full gear.

The enemies of the Federation will soon find out just how creative their enemy can be, from attacking ships yards to assassinating certain key people the Freelancers do it all in a day, in fact they do it and get home in time for dinner.


The Freelancers was recently formed to fill in the niece of a role playing fleet within the MMO Star Trek online for the European players. This because unlike some other forums of role playing, the role playing in an MMO games happens in real time and therefore members are to be able to log in roughly around the same times. This was a problem for EU players who found that most if not all RP fleets where catered around USA time zones meaning they rarely could enter the events.

This problem was also true for the founder of the fleet a veteran STO player who has been around since the closed beta and therefore he decided to form a fleet himself using his 7+ years of experience in writing and leading pen and paper role playing games within the star trek universe. Knowing he wanted something a bit different he decided to come up with an more open fleet that allowed each member to RP they way they like, they can either join up with a ship that accepts players as a crew or they could RP as being a captain or their vessel and write the full story of their vessel on their own.

In the end it forms one unit as any and all captain report to the fleet staff for new orders, many of these orders however can be requested OOCly if the captain has a plan for a mission. This freedom allows each and everyone to find their niece and if one ship does not suit you, you are free to move to any other ship that would take you onboard. The structure therefore looks more like the pen and paper role playing fleets than most generic MMO role playing fleets/guilds/corps, this give added freedom with enough central control to keep the fleet working on one general story line.

For information on how to join we ask you kindly to visit our forums here: The Freelancers
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07-11-2011, 01:48 AM
Still going for any question you can always reach me in game as well.

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