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OK I had this problem as well. I did two things to solve this issue and so far so good, NO DISCONECTS! No More Server not responding

First thing I did was go into the client. Disable On Demand Patching, this will get you ALL BUG fixes and patches. I have seen some people complain about this as well, saying it won’t patch all the way up, force them to give you EVERY Patch and BUG fix! Yes it will take a little time but I do believe it will solve that issue as well.
After that login into the game, you will probably only have 20 seconds to a minute, if you can go into Game Menu and Into Options and, DISABLE VOICE CHAT!

If you have a problem even getting into the game try this it, worked for me! RESET your Cable modem just unplug and plug it back in bring everything up! This gave me an Extra minute or so to open up the game get into it and Disable voice, its NOT a FIX just gave me the Extra time I needed before it crashed again!

After that logout and close client and bring everything up again! And if I'm right you will be fighting for your life against the BORG!

DEV is aware of this problem and are working on a FIX, until then you won't be able to use voice chat but you should be able to play the game.
I have Steam but I don't really use it to control STO. I hope this helps! If it works let me know, it has worked for some but not all..

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