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All, as you all probably know, there's that banner on the top of the STO launcher that advertises the latest C-store addition. It's usually a picture of the new item, with "NEW ITEM AVAILABLE" on it.

Basically I always felt like it needed something more specific on there. With the ships it might be excusable since you can pretty much see what the item is. I started getting more concerned with the Section 31 uniforms, since a given player that isn't familiar with the release calendar might not know what exactly is being advertised.

But IMO, it's especially needed with the latest items, which as of this posting are the additional personal inventory slots and bank slots. As a first-time viewer of those icons, I had no idea what the heck they were!!

Specific copy is definitely needed on that banner. Not sure why it isn't done already, maybe it's a localization issue with FR and DE?

I bring this up because I think that EVERY PERSON that plays the game will experience the banner, and if you want to maximize your clicks then the banner has to be informative. I guess it's my marketing background coming out there. =)
Not sure if the community guys really like coming out in this subforum but hopefully someone might see this. Feel free to voice your opinion.

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