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I need some help with my Boff skills. I might like to change some of them, especially the Lt Cmdr skills, to make sure I invest points in the right skills. Here are my details:

Starfleet Science Officer
Rank: Commander 1 (level 21)
Ship: Research Science Vessel (Horizon)
Ship Weapons: 2x Phase Beam Arrays, Phase Turret, Transphasic Torpedo, Transphasic Cluster Torpedo/Mines
Ground Role: CC/Debuff with some dps
Ground Kit: Science Kit - Analyst Mk VI (Anesthizine Gas I, Triage I, Sonic Pulse III, Tachyon Harmonic III)
Ground Weapons: I use an exploit pistol and rifle. My Boffs use expose rifle (x1), pistol (x1), assault (x2)

Space Boffs

Science Station - Lieutenant Commander
Jam Sensors I (level 9)
Tractor Beam II (level 9)
Photonic Shockwave I (level 1)
Gravity Well II (not usable yet)

Science Station - Ensign
Hazard Emitters I (level 9)
Tyken's Rift (not usable yet)
Feedback Pulse II (not usable yet)
Photonic Shockwave II (not usable yet)

Tactical Station - Lieutenant
Torpedo: High Yield I (level 9)
Beam Fire at Will II (level 2)
Attack Pattern Beta II (not usable yet)
Attack Pattern Delta III (not usable yet)

Engineering Station - Borg Lieutenant
Emergency Power to Shields I (level 9)
Engineering Team II (level 1)
Directed Energy Modulation II (not usable yet)
Aceton Field III (not usable yet)

Ground Boffs

Science Officer - Lieutenant Commander (Healer role)
Medical Tricorder I (level 9)
Vascular Regenerator I (level 9)
Neural Neutralizer I (level 1)
Nanite Health Monitor I (not usable yet)

Engineering Officer - Lieutenant Commander ("tank")
Mine Barrier I (level 9)
Phaser Turret Fabrication I (level 9)
Equipment Diagnostics I (level 1)
Reroute Power to Shields III (not usable yet)

Engineering Officer - Borg Lieutenant Commander (shield heal/debuff/dps role)
Shield Recharge I (level 9)
Weapons Malfunction II (level 9)
Shield Generator II (level 1)
Reroute Power to Shields III (not usable yet)

Tactical Officer - Lieutenant Commander (range dps role)
Photon Grenade I (level 9)
Leg Sweep II (level 9, should probably change since it's not a good range dps skill)
Suppressing Fire II (level 1)
Fire on my Mark II (not usable yet)

My Questions:
  • Do you have recommendations on Boff skills I should change now before I invest too many skill point in them?
  • If you feel a skill in my current loadout is inferior, please explain why, the skill descriptions are not always clear
  • I would rather not touch the level 9 skills for now until I have spare skill points at endgame, but are my current choices ok or should I upgrade them for the level II or III versions?
  • The Commander level skills are not a priority yet, but if you can provide suggestions on what they should be later, I would appreciate it
  • I own the Breen and Remain Boffs but am not actively using them yet. Would you recommend swapping them in as a replacement for one of my Boffs here? If so, should I change any of their skills?
  • Are there good skill buildout guides somewhere? I searched through the stickies, through STO Wiki, through STO Academy and could not find anything good. Suggested reading is welcome

Sorry for the long list of details, but this game does not make it easier to show our profiles. Let me know if you have questions. Your suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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07-12-2011, 10:56 AM
For ground Boff skills and team composition AzureAlliance has a very good guide here While I don't use any of these "plays" exactly it was a great help in planning my away team.

For general tips to ground combat, which also touches on equipment for your Captain go here and while I say this in that thread I will say it here to drive the point home. You do NOT have a role! What you have is access to a wide variety of powers simply by swapping out a kit, don't pidgeon hole yourself!

Now onto your ship, I noticed you are quite heavy on the explodies. As a rule I limit myself to one torpedo launcher fore and aft, mines really don't produce reliable damage, can be good in some situations but really doesn't provide consistant damage. For energy weapons it depends on how you play, if you find you keep the nose of your ship pointed at your target use a beam array and a dual beam bank up front and 2 beam arrays on the aft. It's worth noting that a single turret on the aft will increase DPS in all directions even if you're not putting skill points in cannons because of its lower drain on your weapons power but will not be able to take advantage of beam enhancing skills. Another idea if you're putting skill points into cannons and not beams is 2 turrest fore and aft.


Torpedo High Yield I: Not a bad power but will not enhance your transphasic cluster torpedo which limits its use

Fire At Will II: Solid power on its own but you can get better effects combining a rank I version with...

Attack Pattern Beta I: Will apply a damage resistance debuff to anything you hit, which is everything in range when using FAW, good in both solo and group play. This is a LT. level power so you'll have to use FAW I and not II.

Beam Overload I or II: Ensign and LT. level powers respectively. Used with a dual beam bank this is a good way t punch a hole in an enemies shields and also make THY a good follow up power. However this will drain weapons power by 50 making its use burst damage and not DPS.

My reccomendation is FAW I Ensign slot and APB LT. slot


Emergency Power to Shields I: Not bad, can't go far wrong with this power considering there's not much else to use at Ensign level for Engineering

Engineering Team II: Not a bad heal but there are other options particularly if you're flying a science vessel.

Auxilliary to Structural Integrity Field I: This is a LT. level power. While it heals less than Engineering Team it has half the cooldown time, applies a damage resistance buff and is enhanced by Auxilliary power level, which will be higher for you in a science ship.

Reverse Shield Polarity: Another LT. level power. This is more of an "Oh shizz" button, if you're taking heavy fire it can be a life saver but in a science ship you already have boosted shields so there are other ways to keep your shields up.

My reccomendation is EPtS I Ensign slot and AuxtoSIF I LT. slot


Science Team I: Reliable shield heal but will also clear a lot of science related debuffs such as Subnucleonic Beam and Scramble Sensors (though make sure you are not targeting an enemy and heal it by mistake for the latter).

Hazard Emitters I, II & III: Ensign, LT. and LT. Com powers respectively. A very good hull HoT many builds carry this, what rank you carry will depend on what else you want to use.

Transfer Shield Strength I, II & III: Ensign, LT. and LT. Com powers respectively. Solid shield HoT and despite the name you can target yourself with this. It's use may be limited in solo play depending what else you use (still pretty good though) however its a great power in group play.

Jam Targeting Sensors: Frankly, don't use it, it has such a limited use and can be broken if you attack and there are much better skills you can use.

Scramble Sensors: Will make the enemy target each other. Only of use against multiple targets which means in PVE you won't always get to use it but in pvp it can cause quite a bit of chaos.

Photonic Shockwave I: Nice power this, the rank III version is one of my personal favourites in both PVE and PVP.

Gravity Well I: Nice power but it's more effective in PVP since in PVE enemy ships don't tend to run away.

Tractor Beam II: An acquired taste. Personally I like it but the rank I version is too weak to be of real use and there are better powers to use than the rank II version so if you're going to use it stick with rank II.

My Reccomendation is Science Team I Ensign slot, Hazard Emitter I other Ensign slot, Tractor Beam II or Transfer Shield Strength II LT. slot and Photonic Shockwave I LT. Com slot.

While I've mentioned in places powers that work better in PVP my reccomendations are for PVE play so train other officers with different skills and switch them for PVP if you need to. Also bear in mind if you keep playing Science ships as you rank up you will only ever get to use Ensign and LT. level Tac/Engi powers.
Lt. Commander
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07-12-2011, 12:31 PM
Wow, thanks... you're gonna have to give me some time to digest this.

FYI, I only have 2 launchers: 1 fore and 1 aft. I said "transphasic cluster topedo/mines" because that is what the item name says, but that is just 1 item.

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