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07-26-2011, 02:28 PM
The Foundry is mirrored on Holo and tribble, and it still got loose. It slipped through QA, it would have slipped through QA and now they have to fix it. You are coming at this from the wrong angle and perspective I think.
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07-27-2011, 07:39 AM
Omega, I think you're making a mistake isolating in your thoughts at least the Foundry from the other products in Cryptic's stable that could and would benefit from it.

In summation to your ideas, I will say that you don't make money at least not enough of it to be considered profit by re-building things from scratch or from breaking off your already-on-market product into two products and asking for a higher price for both products combined.

Idea #1 (rebuilding the Foundry) costs too much, and idea #2 (making the Foundry into its own MMO) adds nothing for your players over what's already been offered.

It's not that these ideas aren't possible, they just don't seem like a smart thing to do, sorry.
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In my two fleets, we are set up for roleplaying. We use the foundry to run the main plots of our stories.

The foundry being closed while they are getting the main game working correctly is not really an inconvenience for us. I anticipated that the Foundry would probably go down with Season 4 because of the massive scale of updates they had planned to implement with it.

This is one of the reasons why I supported the idea to bring out Season 4 in stages was the best way to go on the developers plan for implementation. With the story I wrote for our fleet 'Terror in The Patch', and the five chapters I have written for it on the foundry this delay has not affected us. We run our formal role play shows on the weekends and our casual role play shows during the week.

We use the interior sets and PVP sets for many of our shows. Also, we use the dice roll emote for many of our shows. We are also producing our own cut-scenes to enhance our stories with the foundry and the regular interior sets. Since we have a Director and Producer on stage when we run our shows and speaking through Ventrilo, it makes it easy to work around these technical issues with the game as a whole.

The show must go on. One of the reasons we set up a Live video and Audio feed for our TV and Radio station in our fleet was to enhance our role play game experience with Star Trek Online and the Foundry. This down time has given us a chance to perfect our techniques to produce a better quality show in our two fleets.

In the stories I have written, I have learned to write multiple story endings and also how to use dice rolls in the Foundry story to determine outcomes. If I have to remake these stories, I am prepared to do so. I hope it will not come to this, but I am prepared to remake the stories.

With many of the stories I have written, I have made a flow chart tool with Microsoft Word to write all the dialogs on the foundry. Then all I have to do is cut and paste the dialog back into the editor bench.

Thank you.

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