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07-18-2011, 06:59 PM
Originally Posted by ShinUmbra View Post
so i'm guessing the klingon content still isn't as good as the feds?
There is roughly 12 storyline missions for the KDF. Roughly 68 for the Feds. (Check the link in my sig 'Federation & Klingon: an inventory of sort...') -Individually- I would say the KDF missions are good to great, where some of the Fed missions are a bit lackluster. But that is mostly because the story missions the KDF does have were made afterwards, when Cryptic was learning more what to do and what not to do. Kind of like how the remastered missions for the Feds are an improvement.

However I would not say that the increase in quality for the KDF in this few missions makes up for the fact the ratio of missions is 1 to 5.

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