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# 1 Looking for team !/?
07-14-2011, 06:59 AM
Hello, I've kind of been lurking around for a while, life-time sub and all, been waiting to see what became of the game, was happy that they introduced the foundry, and got to thinking about its potential.

One of the things I noticed was this quote from STO...
Project Management improvements

•Setting prerequisite and follow-up missions that can be linked together into a story arc
I'd like to make a story driven arc, and already have a few ideas. From what I've seen of the foundry editor, it seems to have at least a modest amount of potential, and I'm thinking saga here when I ask, are there any teams working on story-lines?

I'm keen to get a small team going, I feel that it should be limited to only 3-5 people, they'd all need to be reasonable story tellers, and have at least some knowledge of the Foundry (and a subscription)....

So I'm making this post, to either find a team that’s out there, or start a new one, I'd like to keep the ideas I've got out of public view for the time being, so I won't discuss them here.

I setup an email that I can be contacted on

Feel free to reply here for superficial comments, but I will not discuss any internal workings on these forums...

Personal History: I've done my fair share of modding in the past, I made several modules for Neverwinter Nights (1 & 2), I played around a lot with Civilization IV and V, and in the process have picked up a variety of unimportant skills, including Musical Composition, 2D and some small-time 3D Graphic Art, and C#, C++, 32-bit assembly, and currently have a hosted web-site (which costs too much), combined with that - I have made several other web-sites, and used to play many pen and paper dice based role-playing games as a youth, and feel I can put together a reasonable story.

If you are serious about hooking up with me, an honest paragraph describing why you think you should be a part of a team would be a nice bonus inconsideration, please keep it to a similar length as the one above, and while a lot of the skills that I listed are largely irrelevant to the foundry, they at least demonstrate that I'm keen at making bits and pieces with computers.

An applicant’s skills may wildly vary to mine, as I hinted above; the key things I'm looking for are aptitude in story fabrication, and the ability to bring them to life in the foundry.

Why a Team?
Well, I'm thinking of making this arc epic, and I also don't plan on releasing it until the ability to add prerequisite adventures is finalized. At this point in time, I have only a few loose ideas and story-lines, ones that still are very sparse, my/our goal would be to produce a series that would play like a novel saga, possibly with hundreds of loosely intertwined stories, villains that have more than one agenda, etc...

To do this, a certain amount of localized lore would need to be developed that is compatible with Star Trek.

In the end, we would have to work with the assets given, I've noticed as far as interiors go, it is somewhat hard to make certain settings (such as an interior of a race just entering the space age - most are too advanced, or little more than caves), modding has taught me a lot about how to work around these inconveniences, but you can only work things so far....

A few additional notes: My Time Zone is GMT+10, East Coast Australia, it shouldn't be a problem, but may make live communication a little troublesome....

Feel free to ask me a few relevant personal questions here, or if you wish to discuss other story related ideas, please use the email listed above...
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# 2
07-14-2011, 02:12 PM
Hm you might want to poke around There's plenty of Foundry authors there and it's a bit more active than these parts.

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