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Well, title says it all.

The dreaded double mouse cursor still occurs every once in a while. I think most of us got at least one time. I for one got the 'issue' numerous of times, cant count it anymore.

Reproducable, i have no idea how. It just happens when it happens. And vanishes when it likes to.
since I begun playing this game in December this issue already popped up once in a while, and Ive reported numberous bugreports about this.

It looks like a second cursor which actually follows your real cursor. But there is a slight lag/delay between them. Now ive done some testing on my own, and I've come up with a some kind of relation to this problem.

When I changed the mouse cursor setting to 'software' instead of 'hardware', the cursor was actually reacting exactly the same as with the double cursor issue. With a small delay/lag.

So it actually looks like with you have the cursor on hardware mode, the software cursor just suddenly pops up under the hardware cursor.

Perhaps devs can have a look at this? The problem is I dont know how to reproduce it since it just happens to me unnoticed. Its not related to my videodriver, since ive upgraded them alot of times since I play this game. Other people also reported this on numberous occasions.

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