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I am curious as to what are the intended usage parameters for the Comments that can be left in the Friends list are; Who can enter them, who can see them, whether they can be cleared?

Reason is, I have a friend who had a derogatory message left in the comments that more than one person could/can see. I removed the offending text in my list but I have no idea if that would clear it from the rest.
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07-15-2011, 03:40 AM
My immediate situation was resolved by combing my friend's list in search of the individual who posted the comment, they -like myself- assumed these comments were private.

They are not.

I'm unsure what purpose the comment's prompts in the Social Pane were intended to serve, but I find it highly problematic they are publicly available. To make the situation worse, we have no control over these comments, and cannot even see them. I was alerted to it when friends began messaging me about it; highly embarrassing.
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07-15-2011, 04:33 AM
This is a concern, especially if a player can post potentially slanderous remarks about someone in that box and the public can see it. I certainly hope Cryptic has had the foresight to keep a tight filter on what can be put there.

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