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08-10-2011, 12:49 PM
Originally Posted by seanpatrick73 View Post
Try going to the ingame options - video - troubleshooting.
Under Troubleshooting in the Video category, there is an option marked "Video Memory Limit." I changed this from "Auto" to "1024+ MB," and no more crashes. Even when I try to crash the game the way it has always crashed there are no more crashes.

Hope This Helps Some of you.
Tried this fix, but still had the game blue-screen my system (the strange thing is that I can run max settings or near max settings in every other game I own and the system never crashes, but even running on mid-range settings in STO, the game blue-screens my system). All the blue-screens signify that a driver issue is causing it, related to my NVidia driver ( 275.33 ); a new driver is available ( 280.26 ) but I am hesitant to upgrade the driver in the chance it may cause further system crashes while playing STO.

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