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Prior to Season 4, there was a fun ground fleet action against Klingons called Distress Call which was accessible by entering the Klingon Scout Force space fleet action at Laurentian System in Pi Canis Sector Block, and by heading due west from the starbase until you approached a damaged Starfleet ship, the U.S.S. Daxter, venting plasma, with an NPC pop-up message providing the mission Distress Call.

Now, in Season 4, after waiting in the PvE Fleet Action queues to enter Klingon Scout Force, I found that the U.S.S. Daxter is still there but there is no pop-up window granting the mission Distress Call.

Distress Call is a mission, it is content, it can serve as a fun ground fleet action, yet it has been effectively removed from STO.

Cryptic, please make the Daxter AKA Distress Call a separate mission by place the U.S.S. Daxter anywhere in Pi Canis or any sector block, for example, near Laurentian System, and allow players to play that content once again.

Alternatively, please place Distress Call into the PvE Fleet Action queue system.

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