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I have a Lieutenant General. I've done what I once thought a daunting feat. Now, I look back, and I remember how bad the grind was. There are not enough missions to play. So, I've designed 3 unique mission arcs that not only add a KDF flavor to the faction, while tying (mostly) into the existing Federation story missions. This topic is a breakdown of those arcs, along with the level requirements.

Lt.Cmder 1-9: The Gorn Resistance
An explosion has gone off near the First City. Evidence points to a group of Gorn dissidents that are attempting to usurp Klingon rule. You are tasked with putting them down. Once you do, you prove yourself useful to the High Council.

Commander 2-9: The Enemies of My Enemy
The series starts with a hail from a damaged Cardassian ship. You answer it, hoping to capture some Cardassian technology. You end up being captured. The Cardassians turn out to be part of a splinter faction called the "True Way". They take you before their leader, Gul Madred. He sentences you to death, but you break out. You report back to the High Council. They decide that, while you're there, maybe the Cardassians could aid them in the war with the Federation. You propose this to Madred, and he agrees; on the condition that you help HIM first. So, he tells you to investigate REAL Cardassian losses in the Cardassia sector. During the mission there, you encounter odd-looking Federation ships. They turn out to be Terrans. You are told of the histories, and you decide to subtly convince them to help as well. These matters cleared up, You report to the High Council, who decides to take the opportunity to raid a few Federation installations.
This paves the way for Fed Captain-level content.

Captain 2-BG 2: Reopening the Romulans' Wounds
While you were starting up trouble, Klingon Intelligence received numerous reports of Starfleet activity in Romulan space. A Romulan fleet has been lost in the Rator system. The Romulan military has been crippled. The High Council has decided to take advantage of the situation and kill 2 birds with 1 stone. They have decided to reactivate the Romulan campaign, and use it to outflank the Federation while they concentrate on the Cardassians and Terrans. You, as the one who made much of this possible, have been chosen to lead the assault. You battle across Romuan space, destroying their ships, finally pushing in and attacking Starbase 39. You'd be repelled, but severe damage would be done.

After that, the stories would meet up at Gamma Orionis.

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Lt. Commander
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08-21-2011, 01:55 AM
Good idea, but Cryptic won't do it. They will be more occupied with flushing out shiny new C-Store ships in the future.

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