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# 1 Massive graphical problems
07-16-2011, 12:31 AM

just a few things that annoy me the "last time".

1) Playing STF's, "Infected" for example, and missing ALL graphical FX from buffs, weapons, and so on. No joke, last time we were playing i saw NOTHING except the location and NPCs. No force field domes, shield generators... also the firing from the weapons, including my own, were missing.

2) Playing Space PVP and missing all graphical FX. Tykens Rifts, Gravity Wells... again ALSO missing my own weapon fire graphical FX. And i'm not talking about a phaser proc or sth. i played WHOLE matches in my escort missing my own weapons fire graphics. Sometimes i saw the launching torpedos, but they directly disappeared. So what i do the last time is what i call myself "playing blind". And i think i don't have to mention how annoying it is not beeing able to see RSP or Extend Shields on enemies... and stuff like that.

3) Tachyon Grids that make my monitor freeze for -NO JOKE- MORE than 20 seconds in an arena match


5) Also last time we did the Crystalline Entitiy... no more words than "unplayable". Missing most of the fragments, sometimes the whole entitiy and no way to target it... Also a framerate that felt like 1 frame all 5 seconds...

I remember some time ago those problems were not so fatal as they are today... what happened? Every time Cryptic wrote in the engineering reports that they are working on "server stability", "Non responsive powers"... and so on it got more and more WORSE! In no other game i have seen those massive problems! I really have to say that STO is near "unplayability" for me atm.

And those problems are not my firewall or my internet connection or stuff like that. Yes, i have an ATI graphics card but always up to date drivers and i have tried everything in the graphics settings. EVERYTHING! Like i said before... I'm siiting on the same PC as one year ago, nothing changed, but one year ago STO had much better performance, so serious question - what happened? What changed?

I know it's the wrong forum section here so i don't want start to talk about all the current bugs and possible exploits... and so on . I really like STO and especially Space PVP so i can only pray Cryptic to do some performance work.

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